What Has Europe Done For The World Of Food?


In the world of food, Great Britain may be best known for its roast dinners and fish & chips. With so much influence from our European countries, it’s no surprise that we’ve adopted a number of their own original dishes and claimed them for our own. Of course, even our best attempts are futile compared to sampling the genuine article in its country of origin. When making your European travel plans, remember to renew your EHIC card in order to cover yourself against the expensive cost of medical bills if you require treatment while abroad. Once your application is approved you’ll be able to enjoy the following meals during your European break. Continue reading

How You Can Make Sure You Don’t Worry About Spending At Christmas


The Christmas season is one where you can be jolly, but the festive time of year can make a fair dent in your bank account, whether you’re looking for Christmas presents or searching for a new spread for your table. While planning well in advance and spreading the cost over a number of days is one way that you can avoid a costly Christmas before the prices begin to go up in the shops, sometimes this isn’t always a viable option, and Christmas can sneak up even quicker than you may have thought. We’ve put together a list of ways that you can make sure that you don’t worry about spending at Christmas, so you can put financial worries to the back of your mind and enjoy your time with family and friends instead. Continue reading

Soundboks Portable Speaker


Since the winter starts to subside and also the weather begins to enhance (although not today within London), our thoughts can start to use the outside events as well as adventures which we’ll end up being having within the next couple of months and, consequently, the gadgetry which we’ll have to make all of them awesome. One this kind of device that’ll be vying for any spot may be the brilliant searching Soundboks Transportable Speaker that’s funding upon Kick starter these days. Continue reading

Dos and don’ts of wedding photography – A few reminders for clicking priceless pictures


After several months of planning all the fine details about your special D-Day, the guests, the venue and the food, your head must be spinning and you must be feeling extremely tired. When you had started planning your wedding, your ultimate goal was to make it a successful event and to not miss a single detail of that special day. From the food that you serve to the gown that you wear to the way each and every moment is documented by the wedding photographer, everything has to be picture-perfect! Continue reading

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – OMG

A crowd of shoppers browse at Target on Black Friday.

Blасk Frіdау іѕ an еvеnt that іѕ celebrated in U.S fоllоwіng Thanksgiving Day whісh trаdіtіоnаllу соmеѕ іn at the bеgіnnіng оf the Christmas ѕhорріng season. Thіѕ term for a shopping day dates bасk tо 1966 аnd was рrіmаrіlу used оn the east coast. However, it became mоrе common in thе оthеr parts of thе country around 2000. Thanksgiving fаllѕ оn thе fоurth Thurѕdау of November in the States ѕо Black Friday соmеѕ along between the 23rd – 29th. Continue reading