Handling Your Finances like a Student


The effects and implications of negative financial events such as inflation or a recession tend to creep up on us rather slowly, but when they do hit they hit suddenly and really hard. By the time you realise that each of the pounds you spend actually buys you less value than what you’ve become accustomed to, it appears to be a little too late to start implementing any sort of plan to hedge against the eroded value of your money. As soon as you do realise that each of your pounds seems to be buying you less however, reverting back to the good old days of your days spent as a student often does the trick to at least give you enough time to devise a more long-term plan to better handle your finances as a hedge against the falling value of your currency. Continue reading

5 Effective Ways to Save Money in Everyday Life


Saving money is important for a number of reasons. First, it allows you to have peace of mind. In other words, you do not have to worry about how you are going to pay your bills or when you are going to do so. Instead, you will always have the cash ready when it is time for you to meet your financial obligations. Saving money is also critical when it comes to handling emergencies because it allows you to set aside some cash that you can use when unanticipated situations arise. Here are 5 effective ways to save money in everyday life. Continue reading

Online casino – interesting way to spend your money on online entertainment


What’s the most interesting way to spend your money on online entertainment? We already know you could subscribe to your favorite premium TV network or play games that reward you with more entertainment and nothing else. But is there a way to spend and get something in return? That’s what we’re getting to now. Some people prefer to call it gaming while others just call it gambling. Whatever the case is, this form of entertainment offers an interesting way to pass time while making money. Continue reading

Millions of Pounds Go Unclaimed Each Year


Have you ever stopped to think about just how much money circulating in the economy is pretty much just some money which doesn’t really have an owner? Well it probably should have a rightful owner, but there’s an awful lot of money which goes unclaimed each year, to the delight of many financial institutions including banks, insurance service providers and even charity custodians, believe it or not. Continue reading

When should you start buying your Christmas presents?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend would be my recommendation, as long as you know what you want and go in with a list and stick to it, you should save yourself a pretty packet. I recommend checking out sales and offers all year long, buying well in advance to spread the cost, but as there is not actually that long left till Christmas, the US import shopping weekend would be your best bet. Continue reading