Interest rates to remain at 0.25% – what does this mean for small businesses?

Last month, the Bank of England announced they would be keeping interest rates frozen at 0.25% until 2019. A survey found 66 out of a total 67 economists believed interest rates would remain low until after the UK officially leaves the EU. The Bank of England decided to cut the cost of borrowing to 0.25% last year as a way of handling the slowing economy – but what effect has this had on the UK, and how will it affect small businesses?  Continue reading

What’s All the Fuss About Principal Capital?

In the true spirit of the founding principles of TheMoneyGuy, our focus falls squarely on how the financial institutions make their money. I mean I certainly would love to have what is effectively a licence to print money like the banks do and that’s how they make their money — they use the money we all contribute as deposits to create loans. So they loan all our money out and charge interest on those loans. Continue reading

Has Greed Become a Synonym for Money?

Now nobody should get it twisted in any way — I’m still all about the money and we’re still all about the money here on TheMoneyGuy, particularly that money which never sleeps and always keeps working for you while you sleep, perhaps. With the way in which the global economy is going however and all the scandals, regulatory changes, bailouts and political stances taken by many people all over the world, the question that naturally develops surrounding money and our general approach to it is indeed whether or not money hasn’t become interchangeable with greed. Has greed become a synonym for money? Continue reading