The UK’s Loan Statistics – How many people seek a loan?

How many people in the UK have actually taken out a loan? If you think you’re alone in borrowing money, you’re not. Find out all the statistics below.

If you think you’re alone when you’re looking to borrow money, you are not. Thousands of people all over the UK are seeking all kinds of loans, to finance their lives. Be it guarantor loans or mortgages, the number of people looking to take out a loan has risen rapidly over the years. With more and more people looking for a loan, it’s become the new norm to borrow money. Continue reading

4 Ways Your Business Could Be Making More Money

At some point, after you’ve set up your business and sold some products, the time will come when you want to make a little more money. You may expect slow and steady growth, and perhaps you have a watertight business plan to help you make that happen. However, sooner or later you may come unstuck. You’ll hit a roadblock where it seems like you’ve done everything in your power to increase sales in your business, but the money just isn’t flowing. If your profits aren’t budging, it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy and employ one of these four tactics.

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Home Repossession Solutions for UK Homeowners

The economic downturn is not yet over and unfortunately, many UK families are seeing their homes repossessed, as they struggle to make the mortgage repayments. There was once a time when home repossessions were exclusively for those who decided to opt out of the system, yet today, anyone – and everyone – is at risk of having their home taken away from them. All it takes is a few missed payments and the lender is then entitled to initiate repossession proceedings, and within a few months, you can be looking at the harsh reality of being homeless. Continue reading

Technical indicators to trade successfully on the global financial markets

Technical indicators are used when wanting to determine a specific trend in the global financial market. Many traders do not make use of technical indicators but according to Mohammed Daya, one of the top financial analysts at Wilkins Finance, these are the individuals who will potentially lose all their profit. Daya recommends using at least two of technical indicators when trading on the financial markets as it can clearly indicate when the market will be at its most or least favourable. With that said, what are the top technical indicators to use when wanting to analyse the direction the financial market will go? Continue reading

Three important rules to trade the lower time frame

Lower time frame trading is extremely risky but this doesn’t mean no one is making money in lower time frame trading. Many successful traders in the United Kingdom have mastered lower time frame trading and making tons of money. But before you consider to become a scalper in the retail trading industry you have to know the demerits of lower time frame trading. First of all, you will have to deal with the extremely volatile market which will make it really hard for you to find profitable trades. Even if you do, chances are very high you will lose money. Scalping is one of the hardest things in the retail trading industry. Due to this fact, the pro-UK traders always suggest the new traders become a long-term trader. However, if you still want to learn lower time frame trading this article will give you a clear guideline. Continue reading