Laurent Chekroun from Investment banking to Crypto currency, an atypical route.

Crypto currency has been a hot topic for the last 4 years (to check) mainly reseved for the last first years to real geeks very focus on mining. The second phase has been more obscure and bitcoin appears to be only for mafia and dark operations. This has changed completely with the development of the logic of the Etherul and the blockchain process. Profil of all industry are now coming to this new world of high entreprership Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Buying Bespoke Ties for a Children’s Sports Club

Buying branded ties for a children’s sports club can be a great idea. Though they won’t be worn during games, such ties can be great for social activities or when receiving awards and trophies, and they give a nice sense of belonging to everyone who has one. If you haven’t previously thought about picking up custom ties, you should certainly do so, and here are just a few tips that you should follow when you’re deciding on the type of ties you want. Continue reading

10 Ways to Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

There are many ways you can make your warehouse a lot more efficient, here are some of the best in my opinion. Firstly, utilising your software is absolutely key when attempting to make your warehouse more efficient. PeopleVox made this awesome infographic to educate you on exactly how you can make your warehouse more efficient. Another tip is to utilise your wheelhouse zones; this will speed up your process massively. Please see the infographic below for tonnes more facts and figures on how you can make your warehouse much more efficient. Continue reading