Do I have to buy my site owner’s static caravan insurance? (FAQs)

Here we’ll look at and answer, some of the frequently asked questions on caravan insurance.

Do I have to buy my site owner’s static caravan insurance?

This question is one of the most frequently asked in his field.

The answer is simple. When signing the lease agreement, the site owners may indirectly or directly suggest that it’s necessary to take their insurance cover too. In most cases, however, you are free to shop around for your own static caravan insurance.

Let’s consider the facts:

  • the site owner may have a legal right to require you to have appropriate insurance (usually third party liability cover). That’s NOT the same thing as saying they have the right to insist you purchase their cover;
  • in most typical cases, the lease only requires you to have such cover. It won’t stipulate where you purchase it from;
  • there may be a very small number of rare cases where the lease does oblige you to take the owner’s cover – but double check because they largely won’t and finding your own cover may be far more cost-effective;
  • the site owner may have the right to make a modest admin charge for looking at your own static caravan insurance certificate to ensure that it’s adequate and up-to-date and to protect any site visitors’ interests.

Why am I obliged to prove I’m covered?

The site owners have a legal obligation to ensure that the site and its users are kept safe plus, should the worst happen, that there is some insurance available to support and fund successful claims for compensation.

While insuring many aspects of the site will be their responsibility, it would be unreasonable to expect them to take out insurance cover for an eventuality where someone was injured as a result of your static caravan (e.g. a falling aerial in a storm).

So, they can check and insist that all caravans on their site have their own appropriate individual static caravan insurance cover to protect third parties making a claim.

Can I get the same cover as for a normal residential property?

No. While there are three common elements that home insurance and caravan insurance typically share (third party liability; the structure  – e.g. against storm damage this really does happen and can be catastrophic; and its contents) you need specialist insurance for your static home.

There is, typically, a big difference between a static caravan that is occupied for limited periods throughout the year for recreational purposes and which may have paying guests, and somewhere you live permanently.

On the whole, static caravan sites may not be licenced for permanent occupation.  Your lease might prohibit you moving permanently into your caravan and even if it did not, starting to treat it as your normal place of domicile might put elements of your static caravan insurance at risk.

Consult a specialist provider of static caravan insurance for further information on this important distinction.

Are my contents covered against all risks?

Almost all insurance, of whatever type, will have conditions and exclusions.

These would need to be read to see exactly what your policy would and would not cover.

For example, some policies may have an absolute “maximum claim value” for contents of a specified amount. Some may have a maximum cover amount per item. Some might have both.

Note also that some contents might be excluded altogether. That might include jewellery, cash, credit cards and some categories of electronic item etc.

Once again, consult a specialist for further advice.

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