4 Key Habits of Effective Business Managers You Should Follow

The quality of your life and the level of success you achieve as a business manager is determined by what you repeatedly do. Habits are so powerful that once they set in, they are difficult to break. Below are four key habits successful business managers say are responsible for their success and effectiveness.

  1. Rise Early

To succeed you need to be able to concentrate and be free from distractions. During the day, many people are prone to be side-tracked by different things, so you need the quiet time that early morning offers to keep your mind focused and tackle the day’s work.

One of the best habits you can develop is waking up early because it allows you to fit more into your normal day. The most successful business managers consistently wake up around 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. daily. If you want to be successful, you need to start waking up early, too.

  1. Aim for Inbox Zero

According to studies, clutter affects performance by making us lose focus. We are not just talking about physical clutter here; electronic clutter can cause issues in its own way too.

One of the common places online where electronic clutter occurs is with emails. This is where you need to practise email management. This will ensure that you’re not constantly under a mountain of unread messages, and that you identify and follow up on urgent tasks immediately.

Develop the habit of attending to emails as they arrive by organising and deleting the ones that are not necessary. You don’t have to do all these manually; you can create filters to automate this process. And most popular email programs such as Gmail come with filters and rules. Take advantage of them to eliminate clutter from your life and become more effective.

  1. Always Strive to Communicate With Clarity

As a business manager, you are always communicating especially with your team. How you get your ideas and important information across can make or break your success. When holding meetings, giving out instructions, delegating tasks, always ensure you are clear. This does not just apply to verbal communications; it also applies to virtual communications.

  1. Write Down Your Thoughts

Writing down your thoughts is known as journaling. It is one of the greatest habits you can develop regardless of whether you are doing it for business or your personal life. Writing down your thoughts can free you up mentally, deepen your reflection, and help you generate breakthrough ideas and solutions for your business.

What goals are you trying to accomplish? Why do you want to accomplish them? What are the obstacles in your way? How can you overcome them? Journaling can help you find answers to these important questions. Having them written down in front of you can make all the difference.


The most effective managers don’t do extraordinary things; they simply discipline themselves to do all those things most people consider little things. As you have noticed, these habits are principles and self-evident. If you stay true to them, you will become effective and successful. If not, then you can’t grow and become successful.