Do banks finance land?

Purchasing land is still one of the most lucrative options for investment for most people. Not only its value is bound to appreciate, but it is also a fixed asset that can be liquefied in times of need. Apart from purchasing land for developing personal property, it can also be used to earn huge profits by improvising the site’s usage. Continue reading

Trading On The World Of Bitcoin And Forex

“Bitcoin” by Zach Copley (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In a financial climate where interest rates are not exactly able to provide decent returns, and in a world where volatile markets seem to be everyday news (both the UK and the USA have seen their growth forecast recently cut), the chance to earn a decent return on something that isn’t associated with exceptionally high risks seems to be diminishing. Continue reading

When One Income Stream Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

If you’re actively seeking to advance your career or perhaps just find ways through which to improve your financial situation, whether out of necessity or as a result of desire to just enjoy a better quality of life, your information-gathering attempts will have undoubtedly demonstrated to you that it’s not as easy as many would make it out to be. In fact, most of the information tends to inevitably lead one way, that being someone, somewhere trying to sell you something with which you can supposedly better your financial situation. Continue reading

How to Get High Interest Rates When Saving Spare Cash

In order to make the most from your personal finances that aren’t being spent on bills and other life necessities, there are a number of ways you can achieve high interest rates. There’s no point possessing plenty of spare cash and just leaving it sitting there. Instead, consider one of the following options to receive some of the highest interest rates available on your personal finances.   Continue reading

How to get a low rate mortgage as a Christian organisation

Qualifying and affording a mortgage can be a difficult task, particularly when it comes to Christian churches or organisations that are relying on other people’s generosity to help repay the mortgage.  There are various lenders that specialise in offering mortgages to Christian organisations, in order to help people be able to afford buying, building or developing the organisation and premises. Securing a high street mortgage as a Christian organisation can be complicated and different organisations are often governed by different rules and regulations, making money difficult to borrow. Continue reading

Discover How You Can Best Keep Track Of Your Finances Abroad

If you have a holiday booked, are planning to go off travelling, or perhaps moving away to study abroad knowing the best ways to keep track of your finances while away may not have crossed your mind in the midst of all the excitement. Either way it is just as important to manage your finances at home as well as while you are away. No matter how much you have saved up in advance, there will still be important matters to consider when it comes to your personal finances especially when the unexpected can happen and if emergencies occur. Continue reading