Diamond Watches for Wedding Couples


Weddings have always been defined as two entities united into one. From complementing rings to the anticipated wedding gown that fits the groom’s suit, no one can deny that weddings are the only time a couple can have matching items without getting a curious look from the public. 


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Therefore, many to-be-wed couples have also considered having wedding watches worn either by the groom at the ceremony or the bride at the reception. Given that wedding ball gowns have been lately evolved into sleek wedding pantsuits or coordinates, watches can be a staple addition to the look – especially if it’s diamonds. To simply put it into words, diamonds make anything fall into place. Here are some diamond watches perfect for wedding couples you might want to take a look at.


  1. Luxurman Oversized Diamond Watch Set 

His and hers oversized watches are wrapped in white gold with a stainless steel band. The Her variant flaunts 0.3-carat diamonds delicately placed on the white gold-plated stainless-steel case. The His watch has a 0.25-carat diamond with three white mothers of Pearl sub-dials and a silver-tone stainless steel bracelet. 


This set is perfect for those wedding couples leaning on a neat and minimal look that can fit like a glove into the ivory motif of the wedding.


  1. Centorum Falcon Diamond Watch Set 

These matching diamond watches are definitely for a couple that wants a mature yet straightforward silhouette on their wedding day or reception. The Her Centorum watch comprises 0.5-carat diamonds, while the His watch is wrapped in 0.55-carat diamonds with a unique black touch with three sub-dials. Both of the watches have white gold-plated stainless cases and bands. 


  1. Cartier Santos Diamond Matching Watch

Although not a one-bought package set, Cartier also has an eye for creating magnificent watches. One is the new style Cartier Santos Galbee for the groom and the Cartier Santos 100 for the bride. This set, without a doubt, is already trustworthy, given that Cartier never disappoints in being genuine with diamonds, gold, or gemstones. The Her variant has 10.27 carat round diamonds and also includes an original blush pink leather bracelet. 



It is indeed unnecessary to second-guess with diamonds. If one has the right concept, knowledge, and budget in purchasing one, it will be an excellent investment as an early wedded couple. After all, diamonds are meant to be timeless, just as how marriage is. 


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