How to choose a personal injury solicitor

You’ve suffered an injury and believe that another party is responsible for it?

Well, if that is indeed the case, you could initiate the process in which you get reimbursed for the treatment costs and other expenses that have arisen from the incident. 

However, this can be quite a demanding (sometimes even long) legal process, so you want to be sure you have the best possible legal aid you can find. 

Therefore, choosing your personal injury solicitor is of immense importance. Here’s what you need to look for when choosing the right one.



First and foremost, you will want a solicitor who has quite a few cases like yours under their belt. That goes without saying. You will also want to check their record when dealing with this type of cases.

And it really pays to invest some time into finding a good lawyer because these days most of them operate on the so-called no win, no fee principle. Getting an experienced person to represent you will boost your chances of winning significantly without you having to break the bank just to hire them.

Be advised, many legal companies like to relegate these cases to young unproven lawyers or people who are simply not qualified enough. That’s why you need to make sure you pick a good firm to represent you, and Optimal Solicitors in Manchester are exactly what you need.


Set up a meeting

You don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) decide on who your lawyer is going to be without speaking to the candidates in person. It is possible to set up a meeting with your prospective solicitor during which you can introduce them to your claim.

This way, you can get initial estimates on what to expect, both in terms of the compensation you could be receiving and the length of the process. Moreover, you can see if the claim is worth pursuing in the first place.

But perhaps most importantly, you will see how good the communication is. You need to see that you can tell your solicitor anything and that they really do care about your case. They are your representatives in a case that could very well be vital for you and your family, so you feeling comfortable with your choice should be high on your list of priorities.


Can they help you in special situations?

Even if you were driving without insurance, you may be able to get help from a good motoring solicitor. So, there are quite a few things these people can do for you.

Also, the severity of your injuries may require special treatment, physically and emotionally. Good and experienced personal injury lawyers will be able to point you to various groups and charities through which you can obtain all sorts of care and services.

This can be incredibly important for families with lower income or families in which the breadwinner has suffered an injury. If you are in need of help, don’t be afraid to ask – the answer you get from the person you’re considering to represent you can go a long way in convincing you to hire them or continue your search elsewhere.

The Top 2 Policies You Need To Protect Your Management Consulting Company


Even though the profession of a management consultant is not new (the first management consulting firm was created in 1886 by Arthur Little) many still do not fully know what a management consultant does on a daily basis. 


If we look at the big picture, a management consultant is your one stop shop when it comes to improve company’s operations and performance and solve any problems that arise. A management consultant reports and advises directly to senior management. A big part of their job is collecting data and aggregating that data into digestible reports that allow to pinpoint potential (or existing) problems. 


As you can see, the job of a consultant is multi-faceted. If you are a management consultant yourself, we don’t need to tell you all the different jobs you do – driving to and from client’s side, collecting data, managing relationships etc. But most importantly businesses, big and small, put the future of their companies in your hands. A lot is at stake and a simple mistake or an incorrect advice can lead to your client loosing revenue, employees etc.


So what happens then? What happens if distraught client who lost profit following your advice sues you for damage? 


One of the most essential insurance policies you can have is a Professional Liability Insurance for Management Consultant (also called Errors & Omissions) insurance. Professional Liability insurance was designed to protect businesses who provide professional advice or services for a living from lawsuits. While the insurance policy can not guarantee you won’t get sued, it will help cover the expenses related to the lawsuit. In the next section of the article we’ll talk more at length on what this key policy covers. 


Of course a Professional Liability policy will not protect your business from everything. Let’s take a look at the important insurance policies for a management consultant. 


Professional Liability – The policy that we mentioned above, is one that will protect/lawsuits are by far the most common and costly for businesses like yours. The PL policy will cover the costs associated with defending your case – cost of hiring an attorney, miscellaneous legal and administrative fees and of course the settlement. It’s important to remember that even if the lawsuit is baseless and is thrown out in court it would still cost money to defend yourself. The cost of attorney alone can amount to thousands of dollars. The Professional Liability policy will cover these costs regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. 


Please note that this policy only covers lawsuits/claims alleging professional wrongdoing. 


General Liability – This policy also covers lawsuits from third parties, however unlike the Professional Liability policy, the coverage is only for general lawsuits. These include claims such as libel/slander, advertising related, property damage of the third party etc.  A General Liability policy is very important because many clients will require its’ purchase as part of your contractual obligations. This policy contains a few notable exclusions, common in the insurance industry, however it is one of the broadest policies available. These exclusions include war, malicious intent such as assault and battery, and illegal actions. The policy is usually written based on “all risk” which means that everything is covered unless specifically excluded.



The policies above are the cornerstone insurance products that every management consultant needs. General Liability and Professional Liability while seem similar, could not be more different. In fact, each policy excludes the types of claims the other policy covers. This means that a General Liability policy will deny claims related to professional wrongdoing and vice versa.

What is a legal consultant?

The demand for legal expertise has continued to grow over recent years, leaving many businesses and organisations turning to legal consultants for assistance. Legal consultants can provide expert support to a law firm or an in-house legal team and are on hand to offer solutions and transform legal teams.

More legal professionals are being drawn to a flexible schedule and a better work-life balance, making consulting the perfect choice. Whilst it is a challenging career, it is also a rewarding one that offers a lot of variety.  Continue reading