Litigation vs Corporate Law

Corporate law and litigation both have their own pros and cons when choosing a career in the legal industry. Both are also high in demand throughout the country.

But what is the difference between corporate law and litigation?

Corporate law vs litigation

Corporate law, as the name suggests, is based around corporations and their formation, their connection with other businesses, and their interactions with government, tax organisations, and the public. The role of a corporate attorney is to ensure that a business is operating within the law. Corporate attorneys will deal with a range of issues from contracts to shareholder issues and will often be involved in areas such as taxes, procuring assets or money and mergers and acquisitions. Continue reading

Why do businesses need a solicitor?

Most of us need expert legal help in our lives and a solicitor can come in useful for many aspects of your business. But there are a range of different types of law and solicitors who specialise in certain areas, so it’s essential in finding the right one to meet your particular needs. Having a solicitor can come in useful for many aspects of your business. Regardless of the nature of your company, industry or sector, when it comes to establishing a start-up, you will come across legal issues. Continue reading