Trading vs Buying Bitcoin – What is better?

Bitcoin’s volatility is one of the major factors that make the cryptocurrency one of the most invested and traded cryptocurrencies in existence. The recent spike in Bitcoin prices and trading volume suggests increasing interest and demand from investors. The two most popular ways of taking advantage of the cryptocurrency market are either buying coins via an exchange and holding them and trading them via a CFD broker.

However, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are in a dilemma between buying Bitcoin and trading them.

What does Owning Bitcoin imply?

Owning Bitcoin is useful if one wants to use them to shop or transfer money anywhere quickly at a lower cost. The transactions also provide a high level of anonymity compared to traditional wire transfers. To own Bitcoin, an individual needs an exchange he/she can trust provided it’s available in their country. The exchange should also offer payment methods for buying Bitcoin using fiat currencies.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have to be kept in a cryptocurrency wallet, which is either “hot” or “cold”. While hot wallets are connected to the net, cold wallets maintain offline storage. Buyers and owners of Bitcoin are often perceived by fraudulent entities as soft targets for hacking. This is due to the nature of transactions being final. There is also no anti-fraud protection in the cryptocurrency world. That’s why it’s always advised to use cold wallets for Bitcoin storage.

Bitcoin Trading – a Safer and Cheaper Option

As mentioned before, Bitcoin can be vulnerable to cyber thieves as hackers can target crypto exchanges and drain their wallet of funds. This is a major reason why trading Bitcoin is a better option instead. One of the best ways to do this is through financial derivative products such as a Contract For Difference(CFD) and use a regulated broker.

CFDs can be best described as a financial contract entered with the broker. It allows the trader to benefit from the increase or decrease of the price of an asset. This is done by exchanging the difference between the opening and closing price of the trading positions with the broker. One of the most important aspects of Bitcoin CFDs is that the trader doesn’t own the underlying asset. They instead take advantage of BTC’s price fluctuations.

Those interested in trading Bitcoin via CFDs can select any of the many regulated CFD brokers operating in the market. One such example is IQ Option, which is a reputable and popular broker for cryptocurrency CFD trading. They offer CFD trading in 16 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, XRP token, OmiseGo, Dash, Ethereum and others.

IQ Option also provides several features that make it the perfect pick for novice traders entering the market for the first time. This includes a minimum deposit requirement of $10 and a minimum trade deal requirement of $1. The maximum leverage allowed is up to 1:2 for European traders and 1:10 for non-European traders. You can take advantage of their free demo account which provides virtual funds for you to trade in a market environment.

Differences Between Owning Bitcoin and Trading Them

Owning and trading bitcoin each have their advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to the individual to make the choice between them. However, each of these concepts differs in quite a few areas.


Owning Bitcoin can be compared to long-term investments as you are holding them to sell them at a later price and not paying a fee. Trading Bitcoin via CFDs means that you are not owning any underlying BTC. You are instead taking advantage of crypto-market volatility. It’s thus a more short-term strategy.


Compared to CFD brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, especially those which are centralised appear risky because of the lack of regulations. Brokers can be useful for you to apply your strategies and apply money management tips in a regulated and responsive environment. However, a regulated and reliable broker like IQ Option can help your money expand while taking advantage of the protections offered to retail traders.

Use of margin and leverage

Trading Bitcoin can be more flexible than buying it because of the presence of margin and leverage. The price of owning just one BTC can be prohibitively expensive, depending on the price of each Bitcoin. On the other hand, trading BTC with leverage allows anyone to take a position with much less capital than they are trading with. However, this also amplifies the risk factor of the trade.

Final Thoughts

It is undeniably more advantageous to trade Bitcoin rather than owning and holding them. In trading, you are merely a price speculator without owning any of the assets in question. You also only have to invest a small proportion of your total account size while trading. On the other hand, you will have to pay the full price to acquire Bitcoin and store them in your wallet.

Efficient steps to reduce the losing trades

A losing streak is a common part of trading life. But, the person should try to avoid the losing streak, as it forces the person to leave the market. You might see that professionals do not face more loss. People should try to follow them so that they can be able to countenance the winning streak. Traders should understand how to deal with the different types of circumstances to grab the opportunity. In this article, we are going to discuss the amazing five techniques to manage the risk profile. Follow the tips mentioned in this article and you will succeed as a retail trader.

Do the task systematically

Investors should do the activities according to the plan so that they can be able to reduce the loss. In the plan, people should include the entry and exit points, risk management rules, money management rules, and the measures which will help to handle the emotions. People should not start trading without the strategy as they might face big failure. Here, the person should operate the task systematically so that he can make fewer errors. If you fail to take the right measures based on the circumstances, it will be tough to get a good result.

Define the risk factors

People should learn to use Forex orders so that they can be able to limit the loss. It is important to set the stop-loss and take profit in the correct position which will help to maintain the risk-reward ratio. Investors should take the unnecessary risk as it can be the reason behind the big failure. Traders should know about their risk tolerance so that they do not make any wrong decisions. Before taking the high risk, the investor should remember that he must secure the capital. Remember, commodities trading is all about managing the risk exposure professionally. Unless you can do that systematically, you should be suffering in the investment business most of the time.

Handle the sentimental issues

Sentimental issues can force the person to take the wrong action which is responsible for facing loss. Investors struggle a lot to deal with the emotional components. People should take proper actions which will reduce the emotional components. At trading, if you fail to separate the emotional components, it will not be possible to countenance the winning streak. So, the person should find out in which situation what types of components emerged in the mind and interrupt his trading process. Depending on this, he is required to make the moves.

Continuous practice

You should open the demo account and start practicing. When the investor will be able to practice properly, he will be able to handle the difficult situation. People should become prepare for competing with professionals. The initial stage is a very sensitive time for the person. At this time, you should take the step consciously. When the person will be able to make the place among professionals, he will face fewer difficulties. Demo practice provides the practical experience which is necessary for gaining success. Here, the person will also know which technique will help to make profits.

Build up the understanding

The person should understand the market before taking any decision. When you will be able to recognize the patterns of the field, you will be able to earn money. For this, people should increase the cognition level so that they can be able to grab the benefits. People should gather some fundamental ideas about the market so that they can be able to make a good plan. The knowledge will also help to implement the right strategy in the right situation.

These techniques will help investors to increase the percentage of winning streak and decrease the number of losing streak. When the person will work hard and does not break the confidence level, he will be able to get good returns.

5 Tips to Save Money On Car Key Replacement

Losing a car key or locking yourself outside can be dreadful. Since you carry your car keys everywhere, it’s easy to lose or misplace them. It can be frustrating to lock car keys inside the vehicle, especially if you have to rush somewhere. In addition, the cost of replacing and programming car keys can be high, depending on the vehicle and key model. That’s why it helps to learn ways of saving money on car key replacement.

Instances When Car Key Replacement is Necessary

Car key failure or misplacement can occur anytime. You might also need to replace your car keys if they aren’t locking or unlocking a vehicle as they should. Thus, it’s beneficial to get acquainted with a professional locksmith to bail you out whenever you need to replace car keys. Damage is among the leading reasons why car owners replace car keys. Car keys wear out over time, especially modern ones that contain a transponder. If the chip sustains damage from moisture or other causes, it’s best to replace the car keys immediately. Car owners also replace car keys to increase their car’s security, especially for older or vintage cars. Here are other reasons you might need a key made for your car:

  • Security system malfunction
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Broken key
  • Damaged lock

The cost of replacing damaged, stolen, or lost car keys can be hefty. Fortunately, you no longer have to spend an arm and a leg replacing car keys. The following top five ways to save on car replacement keys will save your day.

Get help From a Locksmith

Car locksmiths offer an affordable way of replacing car keys. While the cost usually varies from a non-remote car key to remote car keys, car owners can still save money by hiring locksmith services. Usually, locksmiths are flexible enough to come to where your car is for car key replacement services. Therefore, it saves you the trouble and expense of towing the vehicle.

They arrive well-stocked with car key blanks and tools to replace and delete old keys for security purposes. Also, the car key replacement services take a few minutes instead of placing an order from a car dealer. An auto locksmith in Adelaide, or wherever you are in the world, will have the necessary equipment to replace all car key types and for most car models. Therefore, they are your plug whenever you need a car key replacement.

Claim on Your Car Insurance

Some car insurance policies cover car key replacements for lost or stolen keys. Some even provide car owners with another car or cover the cost of hiring a vehicle when they cannot use their own due to a lost, damaged, or stolen car key. Therefore, you can save money by filing a claim with the insurance company. However, ensure that you meet the conditions defined in the key lost policy. For instance, insurance companies require car keys to be missing for a specified time before the cover comes in to pay for car key replacement. Car owners should read through the fine print carefully to save money on car key replacement. That way, you might cover some or all the car key replacement costs.

Keep Spare Keys

Having a spare auto key is an effective and easy way of saving money on car key replacement. Locksmith services are likely to be cheaper when you have spare car keys because you only need a duplicated key, which is more affordable than creating new car keys. Besides the cost savings, getting an auto key duplicate can save you the agony of being locked out of your vehicle.

It’s advisable to have more than two spare car keys. Also, ensure to give one copy to a trustworthy friend or family member that can quickly come to your help whenever you misplace your car keys. The cost of calling emergency car key replacement can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. If the key is a remote fob, ensure that the batteries in the spare fobs are functional.

It would also help to get a mechanical key without a transmitter. Such keys can save your day when locked out of a vehicle. While the mechanical key cannot start a car, they are an easy and affordable way of accessing your vehicle after being locked out. Thus, it saves on the money you would have otherwise used to replace car keys after locking them in the car. A locksmith can easily use the mechanical key to produce another key if you have lost it.

Key Locator

Car owners can save money on car key replacement by investing in a key locator device, especially if they frequently lose car keys. The device is designed to help people locate their lost or stolen keys. Also, investing in a Bluetooth alarm tracker can significantly save on car key replacement. They are important in finding lost car keys but ensure you don’t lose your phone because you need it to track lost car keys. You can tell when the key locator device has found your car keys if it lights up or starts to beep. The device also rings when an individual is unable to find the car keys.

Waterproof Protective Cover

For active lifestyle people, waterproofing and shockproofing their car keys can significantly save on car key replacement cost. If you love outdoor activities like surfing, fishing, diving, or camping, your car keys are often prone to damage, dirt, and wear and tear. Waterproofing allows you to carry the car keys to those enjoyable sports or activities, eliminating the fear of stolen car keys. Moreover, car owners can bring along their keys and will still be functional and protected. Waterproof car keys are unlikely to break or wear out quickly. It’s advisable to hire a locksmith for waterproofing and shockproofing car keys for a more professional and affordable job.

Stolen, damaged, or lost car keys can cause stress and inconveniences, and the process of car key replacement can be costly. Fortunately, you can save money by hiring a locksmith, waterproofing, and keeping a spare key. Choose these options for peace of mind and to save your hard-earned money.


Deciding when to make an international transfer and at what rate can be critical to protect businesses from exchange rate fluctuations. This is why risk management experts and currency specialists play an important role in the market to safeguard your profits from the volatile foreign exchange markets of the world. So if the fees charged by overseas money transfer providers like PayPal or Western Union make your heart skip a beat, you know it’s time to find someone who rises above the competition. and position of the site

There are several money transfer companies in the market, so finding one that fits your personal or business requirements can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. This is where transferring money with XE eliminates the hidden fees that other financial institutions charge discreetly or otherwise.

Unlike the scores of other independent exchange services operating in the market, XE has been in the business for over 20 years and is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, which itself is the leader in facilitating electronic payments between banks, retailers and consumers around the world. In fact, leading brands like PayPal, Google, Netflix and Apple use international money transfers for their payments.

XE Money Transfers

XE Money Transfer is an online foreign exchange remittance company having its headquarters in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. The foreign exchange experts at XE ensure that the customers get the best deal when using their portal. International money transfers allow you to remit money in 220 countries and across 139 currencies, with almost every transaction being completed in a single working day. There are no fees, the rates are competitive and regular updates are sent on your phone via SMS or through email.

XE collaborates with independent third-party research companies to gather data on rates and fees. These companies then request a money transfer quote from some banks and XE for the specified amount to be transferred within a matter of minutes. These details are then recorded and supplied to XE so that the FX margin for XE Money Transfer can be calculated and passed on to the customer. With zero transfer fees, XE Money Transfer is an affordable and efficient way to send money internationally. However, there may be hidden charges levied by the participating banks, over which XE has no control.

Why do the exchange rates on and XE money transfer service differ?

Exchange rates provide an indication of how much your money is worth, if exchanged into the currency of another country. Since currency exchange transactions are happening 24×7, seven days a week, there are bound to be fluctuations in the foreign currencies that are being actively traded. These rates are known as flexible exchange rates, as they keep changing constantly from one moment to another, depending upon supply and demand.

Since most of the currencies of the world are bought and sold based on flexible exchange rates, high demand or shortage will lead to an increase in its price. The exchange rates at are linked with foreign exchange markets. When the markets are open, the rate offered to you will keep fluctuating till you confirm your transaction, after which the exchange rate is treated as fixed. In other words, the rate you see on the website is not the mid-market rate, because if the markets are closed on weekends, the rate last offered will be when the market last closed and not current.

What is the difference between interbank exchange rate and buy/sell rates?

A question that often crops up from time to time, especially for new entrants wishing to trade in foreign exchange, is that why is the buying and selling rate for a currency pair different? You will always find this anomaly whenever you open your trading portal. In order to fully understand what these two rates mean, you need to have a basic understanding of how trading in foreign exchange works.

The concepts are actually very simple. The buying price, also referred to as the bid price, of a currency exchange rate is considered to be the rate at which the market is willing to buy the currency at. The selling or ask rate is the rate at which sellers within the market are ready to offload their currency at.

The buying rate will always be lower than the selling rate, the difference being known as spread. The spread between the buying and selling rate is effectively a tool to ensure a profit for the agent who facilitated the deal. As a rule of thumb, the more liquid the asset, the smaller the spread, as when trading in Euros or US dollars which are said to be the most liquid currency pair in the world. The spread widens as the liquidity is passed down to smaller specialists who each want to claim their share in the deal.

The interbank rate, also known as the mid-market rate is exactly halfway between the buying and selling rate of a currency pair. Unfortunately, this rate is reserved for big banks dealing in large transactions, which means the average person making a smaller transfer has to pay a hefty markup for the service provider to make a profit. On average, this levy is between 4%-6% and can affect your wallet significantly if you are making international transactions regularly.


XE charges no transfer fees no matter which currency and amount transferred.XE also offers great exchange rates. However, XE is a business and needs to make a profit to survive. It is therefore important to look closely at the way XE structures the payments.

Since mid-market rate is not achievable through XE, they cover costs through markups. Markups tend to be 0.5% to slightly less than 1% over the mid-market rate for most currencies, except for a few. This against many competitors who have markups of  over 1% in all cases. It is therefore important to check the exchange rate, if you want to consider XE for sending money abroad.

Who Buys Houses for Cash

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to selling a house to a cash buyer. One huge factor out of the processing path is not having a mortgage to fund the transaction. This ultimately means that there are no stopovers like appraisals and inspections that commonly slows down the processing time to further close the deal. To put it simply, cash home buyers mean selling your house fast.

However, when it comes to cash buyers, it also means to be aware of the buyer’s intention regarding buying your humble abode. It is a golden rule for a seller to always make sure to not settle on the first cash buyer that comes to their doorstep after putting their sale on the market. This way, it would be beneficial to both parties and prevent regrets of negotiation and deal.

Furthermore, working with a Real Estate Closing Attorney can ensure that all legal aspects of the transaction are handled appropriately. They can provide valuable guidance to both the seller and the cash buyer, ensuring that the sale process is transparent, legally sound, and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

That said, keep in mind that one of the many elements to consider is, who buys houses for cash? If you belong to the population who has a similar question, here is some information about the people behind the idea.

  1. Flippers

As believed, cash home buyers are different from your quintessential home buyers. And, there are different kinds of cash home buyers as well! One of them is what you call flippers; these cash house buyers are the people who buy a home with the intention of renovating it (so that you do not have to) or flip it into something more profitable. Flippers usually are not the picky buyers – in fact, they buy houses in any condition since the intention is just to flip it anyway.

Flippers often seek out houses in poor condition because they can acquire them at a lower cost compared to properties on the market. They frequently collaborate with local contractors in the vicinity, often found through online searches for phrases like “roofing companies near me“, to undertake necessary repairs. After these homes are refurbished, flippers aim to sell them at a higher price, covering their renovation costs and generating additional profits. This approach allows them to maximize returns on their investment in the real estate market.

  1. iBuyer

Similar to flippers, iBuyers or Instant Buyers are a bit of the upgraded type of the category. iBuyers purchase homes that are in fairly good condition and upgrade them quickly with the intention of selling it on an easier platform in different virtual platforms. The difference of an iBuyer and a Flipper varies on the houses they choose to buy; as mentioned a while ago, flippers buy a lot of houses in any condition while on the contrary, an iBuyer buys houses that tries the bare minimum – or more than that.

  1. Renters

Investors flock around housing and real estate markets basically with the same purpose under their sleeves, to buy a house and turn it into profit. Renters are usually investors that buy houses in bulk or in singles to renovate it in the future and put it in the market with a higher price (depending on how big the renovation costs are shelled out).

Most of these are then turned into apartments or a small house compound that are soon rented out to somehow get back the closing and renovation costs.

  1. House Hosts

Much synonymous to Airbnb, though quite rare, some cash home buyers buy houses so that they can be house hosts for clients or customers that want to book the house for a simple getaway or when they’re out of town. This is actually a modern and good way to invest on a property since a lot of bookers are coming to the light – especially now that the pandemic has a very strict travel protocol that (somehow) enables tourists to visit a town (provided that the appropriate infection control and quarantine protocols are done).


Overall, cash home buyers are most of the time a pretty good deal, if and only if, as a seller, you would know why they’re buying a house in the first place. This creates transparency towards both buyer and seller and enables you to establish rapport as well.

Vaping: What Are The Pros and Cons?

Despite the fact that many human inventions lead to global progress and are extremely popular among people, electronic cigarettes still entail many disputes. There obviously exists a conflict of interest between Big Tobacco and Big Vaping. It results in an unsavoury reputation and myths around the e-cigs, e-liquids UK and the vaping industry in general. But are vape products as bad as media tells us? And what are the pros and cons of vaping? Let’s find out together.

What is Vaping?

Electronic cigarettes – battery-powered devices that are filled with a liquid (also called e-liquid/e-juice) which typically contains Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), plus flavours and the option of nicotine. It can also sometimes contain THC. This thc ejuice is naturally derived from marijuana and can help those who are badly addicted to nicotine move on to something less addictive and less harmful. If THC products are a bit too strong then users can go lower and use certain CBD juices instead with online stores like the CBD Vape Shot available for them to look through and make a decision. These types can also help reduce the irritability that can come with nicotine withdrawal. In this way, e-cigs are considered an innovative way of satisfying a smokers nicotine addiction…

  • Propylene glycol provides a throat sensation similar to smoking.
  • A higher ratio vegetable glycerine creates more vapour.
  • Tons of flavours to choose from, that are added for personal preference.
  • Nicotine is optional, and it comes in different levels of strength starting from 0mg option (no nicotine at all).
  • Optional THC helps to calm nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The liquid is poured in a special cartridge and heated into a vapor that is inhaled by a consumer (also called vaper). People are temped to turn to vape devices as a way to ease transaction from traditional tobacco cigarettes to not smoking at all. While ones use vaping as a quit tool, the others join vape community and make e-cigarettes an intrinsic part of their lives.

What Are Pros of Vaping?

  1. No Smell Of Smoke.

One of the most noticed advantages of vaping is that it doesn’t produce stinking smoke, that eats up into clothes, hands, hair, etc. Vaping offers a pleasant gentle smell starting of mint or fruit and ending with dessert flavours. However, there is also a wide variety of tobacco flavours out there. It’s always a pleasure to kiss a vaper.

  1. It’s Less Dangerous Than Smoking.

Public Health England (PHE) maintains that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes based on their extensive research. They released a short video of an experiment, which reveals the amount of tar accumulated in lungs of a heavy smoker comparing with lungs of a person who vapes. What does lead to circumstances like that?

Tobacco cigarette contains 7,000 poisonous chemicals, 60 of them are known to be cancer causing (carcinogenic). All of them including tar are released during the combustion process. And now let’s compare a usual e-cigarette that contains only 4 ingredients already mentioned above: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavourings and Nicotine. You may think that nicotine is exactly that dangerous element that leads to many diseases. It is not quite correct. Nicotine is highly addictive chemical. Fortunately, when it comes to e-cigarettes, adding nicotine is optional and many e-liquids are nicotine-free.

Furthermore, vaping has totally different way of getting to the lungs: there is no combustion process.

  1. Tons of Flavours to Choose.

It’s never going to be boring choosing an e-juice for vaping due to endless assortment of e-liquid flavours: fruit flavors and ending with dessert or tobacco blends. Moreover, new flavours are being created all the time, so you’ll never run out of new ones to try. However, if you are an avid smoker, according to this website there are several alternative types of bong water that could affect the taste.

  1. Control Over Vapour Output.

Most of vaping devices have control over the volume of vapour they can produce. Low-powered devices create small vapour, whereas the high-powered mods and kits are more suitable for making dense clouds. A little tune by the power output, airflow, and coil type will raise or reduce vapour production. Plus, the PG/VG ratio influence the clouds amount as well.

  1. Control Over Nicotine.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-liquids come in different nicotine strengths, varying from nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine level. It’s important to pick up the right level at the very beginning of the vape journey, decreasing it gradually and reaching the cherished zero nicotine level. This way people can avoid excessive irritability and other consequences, that may appear when quitting smoking.

  1. Easy To Buy and Use.

The vaping industry improves day by day: a plenty of vape shops have appeared lately, new vape devices, e-juices, pods, tanks and accessories are daily released.

Typically, the price range varies and makes electronic cigarettes available for every taste and budget. There are all-in-one vape kits that can cost less than 10, while a starting price for a juice can be only 0.20. Online stores often run vape sale, so most of the vaping stuff can be bought at bargain prices.

What Are the Cons of Vaping?

  1. Potential Side Effects.

It’s uncommon, but there are some side effects that people connect with vaping. Dry mouth, sore throat, headache, coughing, nausea and chest pain – this is a number of potential discomfort vaping may cause. It’s worth to mention that all the above side effects can actually happen from giving up smoking and sudden nicotine cessation.

  1. Scary Headlines.

The number of myths and scary headlines around vaping industry are booming. Let’s shed some light on the most popular ones and see whether they true or not:

  • Vaping can cause popcorn lungs. While this headline appears here and there, there’s been no reported cases with popcorn lung effect got by people who use e-cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes explode. There were some cases indeed when it might seem like an e-cigarette exploded, but in fact the batteries did. It could happen because of wrong charging of the device or using a damaged battery. This is why it’s crucial to charge the battery only with an original charger and unplug fully charged battery. Also, before using a battery, it is vital to make sure it is not damaged, has no scratches or dint. The best is to store vape batteries in plastic cases avoiding moving them around in the pocket with metal things like coins and keys.
  • E-liquids contain antifreeze. Propylene Glycol (PG) that makes part of e-liquids is also used in antifreeze production, but it does not mean that e-juices contain antifreeze itself. Propylene Glycol is an organic compound that is used in food industry, and can be found in many cosmetic products and pharmacology as well.

When reading the headlines like these, the common sense should always prevail.

  1. Stamp Of Tobacco Cigarettes.

Not all people treat e-cigs loyally. Most non-smokers confuse vapour clouds with tobacco smoke. They might be concerned about the vapour effect on their health. However, the latest medical research shows that the second hand vapour is much less harmful for health than tobacco smoke.