How to convert your car’s value into cash with log book loans in the UK

When you’re looking to raise funds to give you a cash injection, you might consider pawning or selling some underused or unwanted items, or even some jewellery or high value household goods. But it’s easy to ignore one of your biggest assets – your car. But why would you sell it? You need it every day and you’d be stuck without it. With log book loans in the UK, you don’t need to sell your car in order to release the equity in it and give you the cash injection you need.

Cash without selling

It’s usually the high value item that’s forgotten about when people discuss how they’re going to raise finances. The car is typically one of any households biggest assets that can be worth many thousands of pounds, but because the car is used daily, it’s always off limits as people assume that, to make money from it, they’d need to sell.

That’s only one option. And if you use your car regularly, rely on it for school runs or you live somewhere without regular public transport, then of course, selling is off the table as a money raising method. But there is another way to release the equity in your car and withdraw the money from it in order to give you the cash you need, without selling. And that option’s name is log book loan.

Your car is still yours

Log book loans in the UK are loans that are secured against you car or other vehicle. It’s a quick, easy and fast way to withdraw the cash from your car without the need for any formal credit checks. All you need is to make sure the car’s free from any existing finance, that it’s fully taxed and comprehensively insured and you have the car’s log book (or V5) documentation to prove you’re the owner.

After an application made over the phone or online, a specialist representative will visit you to assess your car’s condition and loan value and to complete the paperwork. Once your loan has been approved, the amount you need can be with you via bank transfer within just one hour. And the best part is that you still get to use your car every day as you normally would.

Best rate promise

With the choice of log book loans in the UK growing, Car Cash Point remains one of the UK’s leading log book loan lenders. Offering customers one of the lowest rates of interest together with a refreshingly transparent and flexible loan, we also have a ‘best rate promise’ that guarantees to beat any price you find online by 10%!

With loan amounts ranging from between £500 and £100,000 and repayment options that suit your finances, a Car Cash Point log book loan is the easiest, quickest and fastest way to get the money you need. For more information on Car Cash Point log book loans in the UK, visit or call our award-winning customer service team on 0333 122 3181 today!

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