Laurent Chekroun from Investment banking to Crypto currency, an atypical route.

Crypto currency has been a hot topic for the last 4 years (to check) mainly reseved for the last first years to real geeks very focus on mining. The second phase has been more obscure and bitcoin appears to be only for mafia and dark operations. This has changed completely with the development of the logic of the Etherul and the blockchain process. Profil of all industry are now coming to this new world of high entreprership

Who is Laurent Chekroun?

Kencoin creator named Laurent Chekroun is a person full of curiosity and passion. At a very young age, he had shown a lot of interest in finance and trading and started to do some internship in the finance industry during the summer instead of going in vacations.

He was only 16 years old when he started on a trading desk in a small French bank very entrepreneurial who invented a lot of very innovative product. Trading, being an entrepreneur, managing relationship with investors has always been skills that he looks to developp.

Laurent had a lot of different experiences from butcher to driving some stars or VIP when traveling in France to pay for his studies. This big mix of experience have built a strong capacity to convince people and to manage project

How did it all start?

Laurent Chekroun started to mine some bitcoins at the beginning of the Currency, end of 2010 beginning of 2011, at that time the idea look crazy but with such a potential that he jumped on it. A new currency with central bank to regulate where you know from the beginning the number of bitcoins that will be mined, look fascinating. First look is that you were creating value and money running an algo on a computer…almost for free…but when yu were digging a bit it was still interesting but not so easy if you wanted to do it professionally.

Laurent Chekroun moved to other centre of interest and business development because he felt it was too early for him to be involved and that was more a Geek opportunity that an investor opportunity but he always kept an eye on it as his curiosity and its willingness to understand and to know what is happening in our world have no limit.

After all the bad press on bitcoins and how it was used, and the kind of people involved in the 2016 he thought he took the good decision but still had this feeling that something was cooking there. The launch of Ethereum in 2013 was not the catalyst for him to come back to the Crypto world but the shift that occur in 2016 in the organization of Ethereum make him think that it was time to be ready on this industry.

The choice of the adult industry was based on a very simple thought. What is the sector that had a huge growth over the internet and where privacy is one of the most important factor. The choice of the adult industry seem obvious? Foir him the adult industry is quite broad is going to buy or see a video in the net to buy a sextoy or have account on dating website.
How did people respond to this new model?

For now, all that we hear back from our partners give us a lot of motivation to push the development further and we are very impatient to do the ICO, to implement our strategy from the web to the street and the proper retail.

not a single person could be negative to such a solution for growing business and a safer way to do transaction.

This will protect all actors of this business.

What kind of future awaits for KenCoin?

We are looking forward to increase the partnerships in the industry with all the main actors. We will be a service provider, bringing a safe payment solution where privacy will be kept all point of the process. Nobody will be able to know what you don’t them to know, no more cash or stress situation. There is a so many things that can be disclose now but this is going to be a game changer for this undustry


Laurent Chekroun is full of ideas and appears to be very clear on where he wants to go and how he wants to grow this business.

He has a very strong team around him with people from all industries that have a great background in very specific areas that are essentials for this business

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