Investing in Opportunity Zones: 10 Key Points to Remember

According to recent reports, more than 7 million people in the United States are actively investing in real estate at present. Many more are considering this type of venture but aren’t sure of which types of real estate to funnel their money into. After all, numerous options are available, and each one has its own distinct strong suits. While virtually all sectors of the real estate investment market deserve due attention, opportunity zones are rapidly gaining steam. They offer quite a few benefits not only for investors but entire communities.

What Are Opportunity Zones?

Opportunity zones are specific areas throughout the United States that are considered distressed or in need of an economic boost. They’re designed to improve housing and job opportunities for people living in those areas and foster economic development, thereby fueling growth. You can invest in opportunity zones via qualified opportunity zone funds. If this concept appeals to you, it’s important to understand a few key points beforehand.

1) Different Opportunity Zone Investment Options

A few types of opportunity zone investments are available. They include stocks in companies and investments in real estate located within opportunity zones. Other types of investments are also possible.

2) Multiple Investment Opportunities

In addition to different types of investment options being available, various types of areas are eligible for investments. These include industrial areas, urban communities, suburban neighborhoods, and rural areas to name a few.

3) Aids in Portfolio Diversification

One of the key rules of thumb for investing is maintaining a diversified portfolio. Opportunity zone investments can cover this in one fell swoop. Many qualified opportunity zone funds include investments from a wide range of industries and companies, so investors can essentially cover a great deal of ground with a single QOF investment.

4) Tax Benefits to Consider

Numerous tax benefits apply to qualified opportunity zone investments. For one, taxes on capital gains investors decide to reinvest in QOZs can be deferred for several years. Secondly, investors who hold onto OZ property investments for at least 10 years are permanently exempt from capital gains taxes on those properties. Those are only a couple of the key advantages.

5) OZ Investments Can Act as 1031 Exchanges

For quite some time, real estate investors have been taking advantage of 1031 exchanges. Qualified opportunity zone investments can work in much the same way. With QOZ investments, though, you only have to reinvest capital gains in other opportunity zone properties to benefit from tax deferral as opposed to all the profits from sales.

6) Capital Gains Can Cross Over

Investors with capital gains from other types of investments can funnel those gains into OZs to take advantage of tax benefits. For example, if you earned capital gains from stocks or precious metals investments, you can invest those gains in opportunity funds and reduce the amount of capital gains taxes you owe.

7) Ample Room for Growth

While all investments pose certain risks, OZs are proving to be lucrative for investors. Reports are showing significant appreciation in these areas. This is true of both residential and commercial properties.

8) Extensive Perks

Opportunity zone investments can provide far-reaching advantages. Investors certainly stand to benefit from gains on their investments. Residents in OZs benefit from more job opportunities, better housing, and greater access to much-needed services. Business owners in these areas see greater profits as a result of outside investments as well, and the list goes on.

9) Choose Investments Wisely

Be sure to research OZ investment options thoroughly before investing. Some of these investment opportunities are potentially more lucrative than others. Despite the consistent gains most offer, some can be much riskier than others as well.

10) Plenty of Areas to Choose from

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to understand the scope of opportunity zones in the United States and the investment options they have to offer. Over 8,000 qualified opportunity zones have been designated by the IRS so far, and each one offers a vast range of investment opportunities.

In a Nutshell

Qualified opportunity zones are receiving a great deal of attention because of all the benefits they have to offer. They give investors a chance to profit significantly while enjoying tax benefits. At the same time, they provide extensive opportunities for people living in the communities being invested in as well as surrounding areas.

Can a Landlord Sell a House While Renting?

One of the general concerns of renting an apartment or a house is the uncertainty that the owner or the landlord may divert the property on sale when the time comes. This is possibly secondary to why the landlord owns the property and has every right to sell it. 


However, despite the right of selling own property – the tenant has their own as well. To further be informed what you should do as a tenant or as a landlord when the situation arises, here are some details you may want to know.


Out with the Old, In with the New: Proprietor

Given the fact that it is affirmative that a landlord can sell the house even if it is still for rent, you may consider the possibility of finding another place to stay. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that the tenants should vacate immediately without notice. In some usual cases, when a landlord sells the property to a buyer, the new buyer tends to inform the tenants (who are willing to stay) to sign a new contract – and if the current terms and conditions are not troublesome for both parties, evacuation can be out of the option.


Contract Check

As a decent landlord, together with the eyes of the law, it is mandatory to inform the tenants with a written letter a minimum of 30 days or a month before their interest to put the property on sale. This is to let them know whether they should vacate the premises or if they have a chance to sign a new contract with the new owner. 


This is where the contract stands its significance; if the tenant has already signed a year-long (or more) agreement with the old landlord, it is a legal right to stay at the rental space at least until the contract expires. 


Another factor that makes a contract essential to a lease is its contents. When renting a space – it is the tenant’s responsibility to read it and have the time to do so. Often, contract signing can be as fast as lightning that leads to trouble in the future. If the contract involves an agreement about automatic void of the lease when put on sale, do not associate with the contract unless you agree with its terms. 


Return What Needs to be Returned

Much like any other rental space, a security deposit is always paid upfront – this is to assure that, if by any chance, when there is damage to the property, the tenant will not deny the payment for the destruction. Suppose the workers made no injuries and only the cleaning maintenance or repair costs before evacuation stands. In that case, the landlord is required by the law to send back the remaining deposit within a maximum of two months. 



In some circumstances, the landlord has resorted to violence or violated any tenant’s rights. It is best to seek professional help and hire a tenant lawyer quickly. This is why knowing your rights as a tenant or as a landlord is crucial for the sake of not just the other party’s sake but also yours. We buy houses, so let us know if you are interested in getting an offer from our business. – SnapCashOffers

Diamond Watches for Wedding Couples


Weddings have always been defined as two entities united into one. From complementing rings to the anticipated wedding gown that fits the groom’s suit, no one can deny that weddings are the only time a couple can have matching items without getting a curious look from the public. 


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Therefore, many to-be-wed couples have also considered having wedding watches worn either by the groom at the ceremony or the bride at the reception. Given that wedding ball gowns have been lately evolved into sleek wedding pantsuits or coordinates, watches can be a staple addition to the look – especially if it’s diamonds. To simply put it into words, diamonds make anything fall into place. Here are some diamond watches perfect for wedding couples you might want to take a look at.


  1. Luxurman Oversized Diamond Watch Set 

His and hers oversized watches are wrapped in white gold with a stainless steel band. The Her variant flaunts 0.3-carat diamonds delicately placed on the white gold-plated stainless-steel case. The His watch has a 0.25-carat diamond with three white mothers of Pearl sub-dials and a silver-tone stainless steel bracelet. 


This set is perfect for those wedding couples leaning on a neat and minimal look that can fit like a glove into the ivory motif of the wedding.


  1. Centorum Falcon Diamond Watch Set 

These matching diamond watches are definitely for a couple that wants a mature yet straightforward silhouette on their wedding day or reception. The Her Centorum watch comprises 0.5-carat diamonds, while the His watch is wrapped in 0.55-carat diamonds with a unique black touch with three sub-dials. Both of the watches have white gold-plated stainless cases and bands. 


  1. Cartier Santos Diamond Matching Watch

Although not a one-bought package set, Cartier also has an eye for creating magnificent watches. One is the new style Cartier Santos Galbee for the groom and the Cartier Santos 100 for the bride. This set, without a doubt, is already trustworthy, given that Cartier never disappoints in being genuine with diamonds, gold, or gemstones. The Her variant has 10.27 carat round diamonds and also includes an original blush pink leather bracelet. 



It is indeed unnecessary to second-guess with diamonds. If one has the right concept, knowledge, and budget in purchasing one, it will be an excellent investment as an early wedded couple. After all, diamonds are meant to be timeless, just as how marriage is. 


Why All Asylum Seekers Need Legal Representation

It can be unnerving to become an asylum seeker. The constant threat of deportation can break down a person’s morale. What more if that person has no legal representation in that state he or she is in?


The sad reality of the situation is that this is common for asylum seekers. Many go without proper legal representation. The result is having unfair trials and having the asylum seeker deported.


Is there any solution to this? Can the U.S. legal system still change for the better? What is the benefit of having legal representation for asylum seekers? Find out more blow.


Bring the Act of Humanitarianism Back

Asylum refers to the act of humanitarianism. It is to help individuals who have fled from their homes to seek asylum in another country. One of the biggest reasons why a person seeks asylum is to find safety.


A lot of individuals go to the U.S. to seek asylum. The problem with this is that seeking asylum in the U.S. turns out to be very tedious work. The majority of the applications get denied. In 2019 alone, around 69% of these asylum requests faced denial.


This has been going for a long time, that immigrants feel something is changing. Immigrants have the right to counsel when it comes to the immigration court. But this doesn’t mean that everything goes well from there. Most are self-represented because they can’t find proper legal representation for themselves.


Immigrants are calling for proper representation as well as a fair trial.


Advantages of Legal Representation

Asylum seekers with legal representation fare better than their counterparts who are self-represented. About 33% of asylum seekers gained asylum with success. That is thanks to the legal representation that they have.


What are the downsides of self-representation?


  • Only about 16% of unrepresented asylum seekers make it through the entire process.
  • Self-represented asylum seekers are ford to stand trial with no prior legal training.
  • The lack of immigrant representation in court shows a huge gap in the legal system.
  • Deported asylum seekers face a lot of risks when deported back to their countries.
  • Self-represented asylum seekers don’t know how to get documentation to protect themselves.


Can We Expect Changes to the Severe Under-Representation of Immigrants?

Change has been emerging. Lately, about 84% of asylum seekers gained representation. The increase of representation followed the increase of adjudicated asylum cases in 2019.


This is only one of the significant changes that could happen. The is plenty of work to do especially when it comes to represented asylum seekers in need. The goal is to provide free or low-cost legal representation to asylum seekers who need it most.


The U.S. legal system should consider immigrants finding it hard to hire expensive asylum attorneys and lawyers. This is because of restrictions. Once the system looks past these restrictions and offers proper help, the tables can turn.


There are plenty of asylum seekers that deserve a chance at court. All it takes is to allow them to find legal representation for themselves. There is much hope for things to get better in the future.

What Houston Immigration Attorneys Work On

Houston houses a minimum of 60% of foreign citizens from the 2000s – almost doubling the number of the national growth rate. Its immigration rate ranked fifth amongst the largest populated cities in the United States metropolitan area. According to the 2010 Census, Houston contained a mix of every racial group – 40% of non-Hispanics, 36% of Latinos, 17% of Black Americans, and lastly, 6% of Asians.


With this report, it is best believed that Houston is a home of the top immigration lawyers of the country. This strong population of immigrants only proved that law firms and immigration attorneys in the neighbourhood can really be trusted. To further know what the immigration lawyers in Houston specializes and work on, here are some of the things you should be aware of.


An Overview of an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration attorneys are legal representatives of an individual before the United States of Civil and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Board of Immigration Appeals, and in Immigration Courts. These lawyers handle and offer their assistance towards issues dealing with immigration, emigration, visas, lawful permanent residence or green cards, extension of stay, adjustment of status, seeking asylum, and the likes.


In most cases, immigration lawyers work on various cases (as stated above) and strategize it per case. Hiring an immigration attorney, contrary to popular belief, saves the client’s time, frustration, and even money compared to going on a solo flight and making it a harder situation than what it is.


They also do work on unintentional or on-the-spot cases like non-immigrant visas, work visas, extension of stay amendments, K-1 fiancé visas, marriage with an immigrant visa, citizenship and naturalization, deportation issues, employment issues, and many of them also work on handling matters that involves immigration and criminal laws. In summary, an immigration lawyer settles (provided that the field of the case is an expertise) any case related to immigration, regardless of the scope.


Immigration Help and Services Offered

As for the immigration attorneys at The Law Offices of David A. Breston, one of the top immigration law firms in the city, their services offer a variety of immigration related cases such as:

  • Rights of Illegal Immigrants
  • Defense of Visa or Green Card Status
  • Filing of Citizenship for a Family Member
  • Securing Sponsorship (Green Card / Lawful Permanent Residence)
  • Asylum Applications


The usual services they offer are assisting in filing paper works, accelerating immigration processes for the applicant or his or her family members, green card or visa application, education of immigration services, amend mistakes made by applicants or the federal government, and of course, the ability to defend the client in court.


One of the advantages as well of most immigration attorneys is their service of bilingual lawyers. This can make a great impact as to representing the client the best way they can possibly provide. For an instance, for a defensive asylum seeker, the Immigration Court requires applicants who cannot speak English (or if this is not their mother tongue) to have an interpreter during the hearing; this way, having a bilingual legal representative can save the seeker some money and also establish a rapport with the applicant.



To conclude, immigration lawyers in Houston, just like in any other cities of the United States, work on a lot of cases given the number of their population. Some clients are not even from Houston to begin with, yet still chooses to consult Texan lawyers. The most important part is, since a lot immigration lawyers are already in the market, it would be best to watch out for those groups who know exactly your situation and handle it firmly with compassion and empathy.

Who Buys Houses for Cash

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to selling a house to a cash buyer. One huge factor out of the processing path is not having a mortgage to fund the transaction. This ultimately means that there are no stopovers like appraisals and inspections that commonly slows down the processing time to further close the deal. To put it simply, cash home buyers mean selling your house fast.


However, when it comes to cash buyers, it also means to be aware of the buyer’s intention regarding buying your humble abode. It is a golden rule in a seller to always make sure to not settle on the first cash buyer that comes to their doorstep after putting their sale on the market. This way, it would be beneficial to both parties and prevent regrets of negotiation and deal. One of the many elements to consider is, who buys houses for cash? If you belong to the population who has a similar question, here is some information about the people behind the idea.


  1. Flippers

As believed, cash home buyers are all different from intentions and purpose. One of them are what you call flippers; these cash house buyers are the people who buy a home with the intention of renovating it (so that you do not have to) or flip it into something more profitable. Flippers usually are not the picky buyers – in fact, they buy houses in any condition since the intention is just to flip it anyway.


However, flippers buy houses in poor condition so that it would be less expensive than those in the market. This is actually quite understandable since the seller would not have to do the usual renovations and repairs the house needed.


  1. iBuyer

Similar to flippers, iBuyers or Instant Buyers are a bit of the upgraded type of the category. iBuyers purchase homes that are in fairly good condition and upgrade them quickly with the intention of selling it on an easier platform in different virtual platforms. The difference of an iBuyer and a Flipper varies on the houses they choose to buy; as mentioned a while ago, flippers buy a lot of houses in any condition while on the contrary, an iBuyer buys houses that tries the bare minimum – or more than that.


  1. Renters

Investors flock around housing and real estate markets basically with the same purpose under their sleeves, to buy a house and turn it into profit. Renters are usually investors that buy houses in bulk or in singles to renovate it in the future and put it in the market with a higher price (depending on how big the renovation costs are shelled out).


Most of these are then turned into apartments or a small house compound that are soon rented out to somehow get back the closing and renovation costs.


  1. House Hosts

Much synonymous to Airbnb, though quite rare, some cash home buyers buy houses so that they can be house hosts for clients or customers that want to book the house for a simple getaway or when they’re out of town. This is actually a modern and good way to invest on a property since a lot of bookers are coming to the light – especially now that the pandemic has a very strict travel protocol that (somehow) enables tourists to visit a town (provided that the appropriate infection control and quarantine protocols are done).



Overall, cash home buyers are most of the time a pretty good deal, if and only if, as a seller, you would know why they’re buying a house in the first place. This creates transparency towards both buyer and seller and enables you to establish rapport as well.