The top 5 coolest London venues for fashion events

When you’re holding a fashion event, it is extra important that you are able to do it in the right surroundings, and with this being the case the venue that you choose is completely essential to the overall event. So, if you are thinking about booking a fashion event in the near future, then this may help you – as we have provided you with 5 cool venues in London that you can consider.

The Hurlingham Club

If you’re looking for a venue that screams “class”, then there is no doubt that this is the one for you. With 42 acres of beautiful gardens to call its own, this venue is ideal for your event no matter how many guests you are inviting. There’s room for 1,000 guests when it comes to dining, and there is some excellent and adaptable function space, meaning that you can shape it into exactly what you need it to be.

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace has a number of different options when it comes to venue choice, so no matter whether your event is for 10 people or 10,000 people, you are absolutely certain to be able to choose an option that suits you perfectly. The palace provides excellent surroundings for any event, and there is no denying that it would suit the world of fashion perfectly, when you consider the amount of design work that went into the architecture.

Emirates Stadium

It is important that your event is memorable, and staff at the Emirates Stadium strive to make this the case for you. As well as a great space that can be used, you also have the option of hiring their photography service and can take part in cooking demonstrations or wine tasting – which could be a great addition to your event.

The Dorchester

A famous hotel in London, this can be a great venue for your fashion event. There are many different possible venues including a ballroom, which could be perfect to hold a catwalk. You have the option of choosing the group size, and can also include dining options, which means that everything really is taken care of.

8 Northumberland Avenue

This venue boasts a stunning ballroom, which is the perfect place for a fashion event. Not only is there plenty of room for your guests, with room for 1,000 guests with separate spaces to hold a reception, but it is also located incredibly close to Trafalgar Square, which means that no matter how far your guests have had to travel, they can arrive near to the venue.

Once you have made your final decision about where you would like to hold your fashion event, you will truly be able to start looking forward to what is to come. Any event that you hold that is related to fashion should have a venue that complements this theme perfectly, and the great news is that there is so much to choose from in London that you are certain to be able to find the ideal venue that all of your guests will love.

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