Top Tips on Choosing the Right Colours for Your BusinessLogo and Personalised Shirts

As you prepare to design a logo for your personalised t-shirt, what are the most important aspects you should consider? Is it your company name, a symbol, a monogram, or a combination? Logos can be comprised of different elements, but there has to be a balance to these elements in order for your logo to look good and stand out. Aside from this, you have to think about your audience – how will your logo attract your audience and catch their attention? Logos are undoubtedly great for promotional purposes and instant brand recognition, but there’s another factor in making a great logo which you should think carefully about – the colours. Colours can definitely make or break your logo. Here, then, are some top tips on choosing the right colours for your business logo and personalised shirts.

Colour association: what you should know

People associate colours with different things and the significance of one colour can make a big difference in how your logo for your personalised shirts is perceived. Colours evoke emotion and emotional responses, and you need to be aware of what a particular colour can do in regard to the impression you make on your audience. The following are some of the most popular colours and how they are perceived:

  • Black – black evokes sophistication and power, and it also stands for formality, mystery, and elegance.
  • Orange – the colour orange evokes optimism and joy, and it often results in enthusiasm and excitement in the viewer. You can grab a lot of attention with this colour, and it’s perfect for events.
  • Blue – blue often brings to mind the feeling of professionalism as well as reliability, stability, and success. Many corporate companies make use of this colour, and you will see it in many industries as well.
  • Pink – the colour pink has always been associated with feminism, but it also evokes a feeling of being nurtured and taken care of. Pink, depending on the hue, can be quite calming, but other shades of pink can also evoke feelings of love, femininity, and flirting.
  • Green – green usually stands for serenity and balance, and many environmentally-conscious brands make use of this colour. Green can also go well with brands that are centered on well-being and wellness, developing calmness, and health.
  • Purple – purple is definitely a spiritual colour, and it is also associated with royalty. Purple has been seen through history as a regal, elegant colour, and many people, when they see purple, think of luxury, nobility, and wealth.
  • Yellow – bright, sunshiny yellow is a cheerful, optimistic colour, and it evokes happiness. Yellow can improve someone’s self-esteem, and it can also increase a person’s energy and stimulate their appetite.
  • Red – much like yellow, red can also increase the appetite and enhance energy, and it is commonly associated with ambition and confidence as well.
  • White – white stands for simplicity and purity, and it is also closely associated with cleanliness, serenity, and innocence.
  • Grey – grey can be quite serious yet classic, and if you want your company to have a more formal, mature appeal, grey is a good choice.

Garment Printing, a Glasgow based t-shirts printing firm, knows all too well how essential it is to choose the proper colours for your logos and apparel. With the right mix of colours, your logo can stand out, and your apparel can truly go far in promoting your brand.

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