When Due Diligence is Solely Your Responsibility

When exploring a 1 deposit casino platform, by the time you take advantage of the offered bonus or promotion, you can rest-easy, knowing that all the due diligence is done to ensure the regulations are adhered to. In many other more significant things, the responsibility for thorough due diligence falls squarely on you.

Everyone needs a trustworthy auditor for such things. The companies mentioned in this post have all signed up to IAAPA’s trusted auditor program, and provided IAAPA members with a real estate disclosure form to cover the vast majority of concerns related to the company.

I’m in the process of doing the same for HBXexplore, where the questions are somewhat different (in terms of due diligence and due diligence, but mainly due diligence). This project is directly related to a contract I signed with HBXexplore earlier this year, so if you’re a member, I’m very interested in your feedback!

Hopefully these companies are trustworthy. While the various jurisdictions in which they do business can obviously make it difficult to determine which countries are safe to trust, the ones with a legitimate relationship with their paying members, like IAAPA and HBXexplore, appear to be reliable and hopefully we’ll find out more about their specific practices and reputation in the near future.

This post introduces some information extracted from interactions with publicly known real estate clients of HBXexplore (search for “HBXexplore” at their websites, which aren’t always up to date, and read through their disclosure forms), and compares their general impression of their “real estate clients” with my own (but especially after speaking with their real estate clients, and keeping in mind I speak only for myself, and am not a partner in their company or associated with them in any way). I hope the information shared here will help you make your own judgments and do your own due diligence before trusting any of these businesses with your own investments.

About the Foreign Language Source

Michael Vollbracht is an IT consultant and lawyer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He recently became a member of IAAPA, and his real estate investments have previously been discussed on this blog.

He also runs a blog with an educational focus called Practical Applications and Realities (in Dutch only), which focuses on important real estate issues, laws, applications and other relevant topics. He is also a member of IAAPA’s real estate project. He usually speaks publicly about various real estate issues, and may provide valuable information to people looking for a trustworthy real estate investment company.

Mike Vollbracht is also a lawyer at a Dutch law firm. His practice focuses on commercial law, entrepreneurship and disputes. He often provides legal consultations for real estate developers and investors who need legal advice concerning real estate law in their countries (and typically in the Netherlands, but also in the UK and other countries), in order to make their investments more transparent and profitable.

As an architect and a lawyer, Mike specializes in the legal aspects of real estate, and he represents property owners in legal disputes over land ownership, site rights, rights of conveyance, and other types of land issues (like notifying authorities and zoning regulations).