Debt Consolidation – A Less Stressful Way To Pay Off Your Debts

Are your credit cards maxed out, your overdraft at the end of its tether, and your debt seems to keep piling up? If you are battling to pay off your mountain of debt, you may want to consider debt consolidation. It is a debt settlement or debt repayment strategy that you can negotiate with your creditors. It involves making a partial payment which acts as full satisfaction for the debt. If your creditors agree, you can pay just a percentage of the outstanding balance and the rest of the debt will then be cancelled for good. Continue reading

HMRC Debt Management

If you owe tax and can’t pay it, you need to establish a debt management regime to achieve a payment plan that you can manage. If possible, talk to an expert advisor who understands how the system works, knows HMRC’s operating procedures and has substantial experience of advising people in your position. HMRC has an entire section called the Debt Management and Banking department (DMB), and a professional will know exactly how this department works, and how to approach them. Continue reading

One debt at a time: Taking control of your finances, health, and wellbeing

Did you know that being in debt can have a detrimental effect on your health? That financial worries play havoc with your psychological and physical wellbeing? According to Pamela White, head of Nedbank’s retail corporate card services, a number of international surveys confirm that money problems create an enormous amount of stress, particularly when they threaten your job, your lifestyle or your home. Continue reading