Game-changing things you can do to kickstart your business

Starting and running a business is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Access to online resources and technology now mean that entrepreneurs can start up their dream businesses on a budget and watch it grow. Additionally, the availability of affordable marketing options via social media means that businesses now have the opportunity to reach the people that matter to their business. Continue reading

Business finance options

Business finance is the money any business needs in order to run its operations.

Not only is finance required the moment you start up a company, but also throughout various stages of its development and growth – ensuring that there is enough money to pay your staff and for the supplies materials and equipment needed to produce the goods and services you sell. Continue reading

Morrisons Expands 20p Paper Bags to All Stores Nationwide

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground when it comes to eco-friendly business practices, you’ll already know that Morrisons recently trialled a doubling of their reusable plastic bag fee from 10p to 20p. They also launched a reusable paper bag available for 20p. It was all done in an effort to find more ways to cut down on the use of plastics, and it seems to have been a success since Morrisons will now be rolling out the new 20p paper bag in stores across the country. Continue reading