3 Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoins, the most well-known of a new generation of electronic currency, are dominating the headlines these days. There is the Norwegian who spent $27 on Bitcoins only to discover four years later that his investment was worth approximately $1,000,000. Then there is the first Bitcoin ATM, which is housed in a coffee shop in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Some investors are enthusiastic about Bitcoins, while others are skeptical, to say the least. However, investing in Bitcoins may be both entertaining and lucrative. Recurring bitcoin investment is a method of investing and reinvesting in BTC.

What exactly are Bitcoins, and how can you get started investing in them? Continue reading to find out. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are an internet currency that was launched in 2009. Bitcoin is also the name of the free and open-source software that allows you to utilize this money.

At its core, the Bitcoin movement aims to allow individuals to securely transmit money over long distances without the danger of fraud or third-party involvement. While Bitcoin transactions may be somewhat anonymous, this is not the intended outcome. Bitcoins are merely a means of assisting individuals in securely and effectively completing transactions both online and offline.

Bitcoin’s mathematics are highly sophisticated, and the system is designed to restrict the number of Bitcoins that may be generated. Before it quits, the system will generate 21,000,000 Bitcoins.

Because of this constraint, Bitcoins often increase in value as demand develops. Bitcoins are, to put it mildly, volatile. Their value might alter in seconds and vary greatly from day today.

However, the tendency has been upward, which is why you read incredible tales like $27 become $1,000,000 in a few years. 

What Is the Best Way to Invest in Bitcoins?

There are various methods to invest in Bitcoin, some more sophisticated than others. Here are the top three methods to invest in Bitcoins:


1. Mine Them

This is a less typical way to invest in Bitcoin. Mining Bitcoins entails solving complex mathematical problems and demonstrating proof of work. When you properly solve an issue, a new Bitcoin node appears in the software that runs the currency.

In most cases, your computer can do the mining for you. Connecting your computer to the Bitcoin network and instructing it to solve a cryptographic challenge is how you mine. When the puzzle is completed, a new digital block is added to the Blockchain, the public record of Bitcoin transactions. Miners get a predetermined number of Bitcoins in return.

The majority of the time, these complex cryptograms are cracked by a group of miners who split earnings. Mining has been open, honest, and group-oriented so far.

You may buy specialized servers built to mine digital currency.

2. Online Trading

One of the most common methods to invest is via online Bitcoin exchanges. Websites such as Coinbase enable you to convert your local cash for virtual money.

The issue with online purchases is that it might take up to two weeks to link and verify your bank account. And that is after you create an account, which requires a picture ID, proof of residence, and an even longer wait period.

During that period, the value of Bitcoins might fluctuate substantially, so you really have no clue how much you will end up earning in the long run.

Investing in Bitcoins online may not be a terrible idea if you just want to make a modest investment to experiment with or get a feel for how Bitcoins function.

3. Buying in Person

Face-to-face transactions are the greatest alternative for people who wish to buy Bitcoins immediately, albeit they may be risky.

According to this post on reading Write, some Bitcoin investors have been defrauded, especially because the face-to-face transaction frequently includes a large sum of money. When one Bitcoin may be worth $100 or more, you can imagine how much money you would need to bring to a transaction in order to make a significant Bitcoin investment.

There are secure methods of investing in Bitcoins in person. Take the same precautions you would with a Craigslist transaction – or any transaction in which you meet a stranger in order to pay him or her cash in return for anything else.

When investing in Bitcoins in person, meeting in a public place, and bringing someone with you are smart strategies to safeguard yourself. You may also research Bitcoin buyers and sellers on sites like LocalBitcoins, which assigns a reputation score to each user to assist you to select who to purchase from.

This form of face-to-face transaction is especially intriguing since you pay the vendor actual cash in return for virtual Bitcoins. However, unlike purchasing via exchanges, the transaction is completed in seconds. Bitcoin sellers may send funds straight from their virtual wallets to yours, and you can see the process in real-time. 


Bitcoin has been a source of profit for many people around the world. There are a lot of Bitcoin traders and miners earning thousands to millions of dollars every day by investing in this lucrative coin.



Bitcoin is Spreading Across Africa: Here’s Why

Bitcoin is a digital currency. The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto who released this currency in 2009. It is a pear-to-pear transaction system. This cryptocurrency is popular for its decentralized and open-source features. However, cryptocurrency is the future of economic development. It will be the root of all financial transactions. Cryptocurrency trading is more profitable than other trading. Bitcoin is getting popular in Africa. The adaptation of Bitcoin in Africa is a great thing that is happening for the first time for them. In addition, you can buy Bitcoin in Namibia without any hassle. Anyway, today we will discuss the reason behind spreading Bitcoin across Africa.

Reason for Bitcoin revolution in Africa

Poverty: Poverty is a curse for a nation. The sub-Sahara territory has been suffering from poverty for a long time. They are going down and down for many reasons. Basically, the weather and environment of Africa are kind of rude for leading a happy life.

From the beginning of time, they have been living far away from civilization. In that case, they are spending a hard time getting back on the same track with other civilized countries. For the slow processing of their adaptations, poverty got them very badly. However, they are trying to fix the economical and financial infrastructure. Recently the evolution of Bitcoin has been popular in African countries. By trading Bitcoin, they are making real money for downward poverty.

Political imbalance: We all know that the political situation in Africa is not stable. Civil war and corruption make civilian life like hell. Due to the corruption of elite people and politicians, the government is becoming poor and unstable. Without proper governmental support, there will be no development.

That’s why Africa always remains vulnerable for investors. The development of a country depends on foreign investments. The more investment a country gets the more infrastructural improvement will be done. However, Africa has lost so many potential investments. So the economic growth of the continent stays low all the time. But recently they realize the importance of cryptocurrency. In fact, they are starting an adaptation of Bitcoin that helps them fix economical hardness.  

Remittance: Working abroad is one of the best ways to earn money. Underdeveloped countries like African countries may use this way to boost the financial situation. In that case, many Nigerians are working abroad for economical support. But for the bad banking system, the remittance is not properly shifted to their homes.

In addition, the price for currency exchange and transaction fees is really high. That’s why they are always looking forward to a safe, cheap, and reliable transaction system. We know that Bitcoin does not need any permission or fee for crossing borders. Also, it is totally digitalized and untraceable. That’s why Bitcoin is becoming the best way of sending remittance to the home.  

Economic instability: Africa has a low quantity of industrial development. Most of the people are living in rural areas with a poor lifestyle. Their main income source is agriculture. Though they don’t have enough energy sources and tools, they can’t produce enough crops for them.

That situation makes the economy unstable. There are also other related problems that force Africans to find powerful financial alternatives. And Bitcoin is capable of filling the economic instability.

Lack of income source: Africa continent has 54 countries. 42 of them are living under the poverty line. That is a huge amount of a poor economy. That is the main reason for foreign investors not to invest in Africa. The lack of investment is making it hard to create an income source.

So, people are using the internet to make money online through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa are making a huge contribution to the spreading of Bitcoin all over Africa.  

Inflation: Inflation is another bad thing for economic development. According to the World Bank Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, and Zimbabwe are facing a painful inflation problem. On the other hand, inflation is only caused by unplanned money-making by authorities. However, inflation is hard to control for its liquidity.

But Bitcoin is an open-source online currency. In addition, no one is there to create unlimited coins. So there will be no inflation. That is also one of the main reasons Bitcoin is spreading in Africa.

Mobile Banking: Africa is the only continent that has a poor and broken banking system. They don’t even have a digital mobile banking system in some countries. In fact, nearly 80% of African don’t have a bank account. Moreover, MPesa is a mobile money platform that has been giving services in Kenya for the last couple of years.

And people like the concept of digital wallets rather than traditional banking. That is another reason for the huge Bitcoin adaptation in Africa.

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrencies are making transactions easy and reliable. Bitcoin is making a huge change in the digital wallet system. Though Bitcoin is not a physical wallet, people like virtual existence. African people are making good decisions by adopting cryptocurrency in their area. It will help them reduce poverty and improve their living style.  



Trading vs Buying Bitcoin – What is better?

Bitcoin’s volatility is one of the major factors that make the cryptocurrency one of the most invested and traded cryptocurrencies in existence. The recent spike in Bitcoin prices and trading volume suggests increasing interest and demand from investors. The two most popular ways of taking advantage of the cryptocurrency market are either buying coins via an exchange and holding them and trading them via a CFD broker.

However, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are in a dilemma between buying Bitcoin and trading them.

What does Owning Bitcoin imply?

Owning Bitcoin is useful if one wants to use them to shop or transfer money anywhere quickly at a lower cost. The transactions also provide a high level of anonymity compared to traditional wire transfers. To own Bitcoin, an individual needs an exchange he/she can trust provided it’s available in their country. The exchange should also offer payment methods for buying Bitcoin using fiat currencies.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have to be kept in a cryptocurrency wallet, which is either “hot” or “cold”. While hot wallets are connected to the net, cold wallets maintain offline storage. Buyers and owners of Bitcoin are often perceived by fraudulent entities as soft targets for hacking. This is due to the nature of transactions being final. There is also no anti-fraud protection in the cryptocurrency world. That’s why it’s always advised to use cold wallets for Bitcoin storage.

Bitcoin Trading – a Safer and Cheaper Option

As mentioned before, Bitcoin can be vulnerable to cyber thieves as hackers can target crypto exchanges and drain their wallet of funds. This is a major reason why trading Bitcoin is a better option instead. One of the best ways to do this is through financial derivative products such as a Contract For Difference(CFD) and use a regulated broker.

CFDs can be best described as a financial contract entered with the broker. It allows the trader to benefit from the increase or decrease of the price of an asset. This is done by exchanging the difference between the opening and closing price of the trading positions with the broker. One of the most important aspects of Bitcoin CFDs is that the trader doesn’t own the underlying asset. They instead take advantage of BTC’s price fluctuations.

Those interested in trading Bitcoin via CFDs can select any of the many regulated CFD brokers operating in the market. One such example is IQ Option, which is a reputable and popular broker for cryptocurrency CFD trading. They offer CFD trading in 16 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, XRP token, OmiseGo, Dash, Ethereum and others.

IQ Option also provides several features that make it the perfect pick for novice traders entering the market for the first time. This includes a minimum deposit requirement of $10 and a minimum trade deal requirement of $1. The maximum leverage allowed is up to 1:2 for European traders and 1:10 for non-European traders. You can take advantage of their free demo account which provides virtual funds for you to trade in a market environment.

Differences Between Owning Bitcoin and Trading Them

Owning and trading bitcoin each have their advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to the individual to make the choice between them. However, each of these concepts differs in quite a few areas.


Owning Bitcoin can be compared to long-term investments as you are holding them to sell them at a later price and not paying a fee. Trading Bitcoin via CFDs means that you are not owning any underlying BTC. You are instead taking advantage of crypto-market volatility. It’s thus a more short-term strategy.


Compared to CFD brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, especially those which are centralised appear risky because of the lack of regulations. Brokers can be useful for you to apply your strategies and apply money management tips in a regulated and responsive environment. However, a regulated and reliable broker like IQ Option can help your money expand while taking advantage of the protections offered to retail traders.

Use of margin and leverage

Trading Bitcoin can be more flexible than buying it because of the presence of margin and leverage. The price of owning just one BTC can be prohibitively expensive, depending on the price of each Bitcoin. On the other hand, trading BTC with leverage allows anyone to take a position with much less capital than they are trading with. However, this also amplifies the risk factor of the trade.

Final Thoughts

It is undeniably more advantageous to trade Bitcoin rather than owning and holding them. In trading, you are merely a price speculator without owning any of the assets in question. You also only have to invest a small proportion of your total account size while trading. On the other hand, you will have to pay the full price to acquire Bitcoin and store them in your wallet.

5 Things you Didn’t Know About Papa John’s CEO Rob Lynch

Rob Lynch, appointed as CEO of Papa Johns in 2019, came to the pizza brand as the former President of Arby’s, and he has a focused theme in his more than 20-year career in packaged goods and food services. Papa John’s hopes its new leader, with his emphasis on branding and turning companies around, will be a breath of fresh air. Here are five things you did not know about Rob Lynch.

Instant Company Boost

Rob Lynch, the new President and CEO of Papa Johns, bolstered the company’s value immediately. When investors heard he was appointment to the helm of the struggling pizza company, shares increased as much as 8%, the equivalent of about $100 million.

CEO of Papa Johns Expertise in Branding

As Papa John’s CEO, Rob Lynch brings a proven history of branding expertise in large companies, including:

  • Brand Manager at Proctor and Gamble
  • Associate Marketing Director for Kraft-Heinz
  • Vice President of Marketing for Taco Bell

As Brand President, Chief Marketing Officer, and CEO of Arby’s, Rob Lynch began by analyzing its marketing efforts to determine what the company was doing right as well as what it was getting wrong. Famously, he overheard one customer say, “I wish they had a chicken sandwich.” There were four different types on the menu. He realized the company’s message was not clear, and he began adjusting publicity efforts to help the chain make the most of its offerings.

Star-Struck for Social Media

The attentive CEO of Papa Johns expertise in branding focused on what people were talking about on social media platforms, and he used that to build positive responses to the company. For example, Arby’s tweets during the 2015 Grammy season were clever, and they got a lot of people talking. One tweet joked about a hat seen during the awards ceremony because it resembled the hat image used in  Arby’s logo. This campaign went viral and earned the company positive attention and thousands of new social media followers.

Honest Risk Taker

Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO is not afraid to take calculated risks. Bringing the company back from its struggles after cripplingly bad publicity stemming from the racist language of company founder John Schnatter, Rob Lynch decided the company was not in line with basic principles of honesty, not to mention modern consumer expectations for corporate transparency, so the company made an ad.

Papa John’s had a contractual agreement with Pepsi to mention its products in two commercials annually. However, the company had not done this. Arby’s aired a light-hearted but honest ad showing a cold glass of Pepsi that openly said they had forgotten to honour this obligation. The ad received millions of views and positive responses.

How Papa John’s CEO Has Contributed to the Company’s Philanthropic Efforts

Perhaps one of the largest public relations efforts is how Papa John’s CEO has contributed to the company’s philanthropic efforts. The Papa John’s Foundation works to unite communities and promote civil discourses to overcome differences. The main focuses are food security, reducing food waste, and empowering youth for leadership and entrepreneurship.

While Rob Lynch’s confident and timely marketing approach may bring about large company changes, his methods are fairly simple. He stresses listening and then acting with honesty in order to benefit all.





5 Tips to Save Money On Car Key Replacement

Losing a car key or locking yourself outside can be dreadful. Since you carry your car keys everywhere, it’s easy to lose or misplace them. It can be frustrating to lock car keys inside the vehicle, especially if you have to rush somewhere. In addition, the cost of replacing and programming car keys can be high, depending on the vehicle and key model. That’s why it helps to learn ways of saving money on car key replacement.

Instances When Car Key Replacement is Necessary

Car key failure or misplacement can occur anytime. You might also need to replace your car keys if they aren’t locking or unlocking a vehicle as they should. Thus, it’s beneficial to get acquainted with a professional locksmith to bail you out whenever you need to replace car keys. Damage is among the leading reasons why car owners replace car keys. Car keys wear out over time, especially modern ones that contain a transponder. If the chip sustains damage from moisture or other causes, it’s best to replace the car keys immediately. Car owners also replace car keys to increase their car’s security, especially for older or vintage cars. Here are other reasons you might need a key made for your car:

  • Security system malfunction
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Broken key
  • Damaged lock

The cost of replacing damaged, stolen, or lost car keys can be hefty. Fortunately, you no longer have to spend an arm and a leg replacing car keys. The following top five ways to save on car replacement keys will save your day.

Get help From a Locksmith

Car locksmiths offer an affordable way of replacing car keys. While the cost usually varies from a non-remote car key to remote car keys, car owners can still save money by hiring locksmith services. Usually, locksmiths are flexible enough to come to where your car is for car key replacement services. Therefore, it saves you the trouble and expense of towing the vehicle.

They arrive well-stocked with car key blanks and tools to replace and delete old keys for security purposes. Also, the car key replacement services take a few minutes instead of placing an order from a car dealer. Auto locksmiths have the necessary equipment to replace all car key types and for most car models. Therefore, they are your plug whenever you need a car key replacement.

Claim on Your Car Insurance

Some car insurance policies cover car key replacements for lost or stolen keys. Some even provide car owners with another car or cover the cost of hiring a vehicle when they cannot use their own due to a lost, damaged, or stolen car key. Therefore, you can save money by filing a claim with the insurance company. However, ensure that you meet the conditions defined in the key lost policy. For instance, insurance companies require car keys to be missing for a specified time before the cover comes in to pay for car key replacement. Car owners should read through the fine print carefully to save money on car key replacement. That way, you might cover some or all the car key replacement costs.

Keep Spare Keys

Having a spare auto key is an effective and easy way of saving money on car key replacement. Locksmith services are likely to be cheaper when you have spare car keys because you only need a duplicated key, which is more affordable than creating new car keys. Besides the cost savings, getting an auto key duplicate can save you the agony of being locked out of your vehicle.

It’s advisable to have more than two spare car keys. Also, ensure to give one copy to a trustworthy friend or family member that can quickly come to your help whenever you misplace your car keys. The cost of calling emergency car key replacement can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. If the key is a remote fob, ensure that the batteries in the spare fobs are functional.

It would also help to get a mechanical key without a transmitter. Such keys can save your day when locked out of a vehicle. While the mechanical key cannot start a car, they are an easy and affordable way of accessing your vehicle after being locked out. Thus, it saves on the money you would have otherwise used to replace car keys after locking them in the car. A locksmith can easily use the mechanical key to produce another key if you have lost it.

Key Locator

Car owners can save money on car key replacement by investing in a key locator device, especially if they frequently lose car keys. The device is designed to help people locate their lost or stolen keys. Also, investing in a Bluetooth alarm tracker can significantly save on car key replacement. They are important in finding lost car keys but ensure you don’t lose your phone because you need it to track lost car keys. You can tell when the key locator device has found your car keys if it lights up or starts to beep. The device also rings when an individual is unable to find the car keys.

Waterproof Protective Cover

For active lifestyle people, waterproofing and shockproofing their car keys can significantly save on car key replacement cost. If you love outdoor activities like surfing, fishing, diving, or camping, your car keys are often prone to damage, dirt, and wear and tear. Waterproofing allows you to carry the car keys to those enjoyable sports or activities, eliminating the fear of stolen car keys. Moreover, car owners can bring along their keys and will still be functional and protected. Waterproof car keys are unlikely to break or wear out quickly. It’s advisable to hire a locksmith for waterproofing and shockproofing car keys for a more professional and affordable job.

Stolen, damaged, or lost car keys can cause stress and inconveniences, and the process of car key replacement can be costly. Fortunately, you can save money by hiring a locksmith, waterproofing, and keeping a spare key. Choose these options for peace of mind and to save your hard-earned money.


Deciding when to make an international transfer and at what rate can be critical to protect businesses from exchange rate fluctuations. This is why risk management experts and currency specialists play an important role in the market to safeguard your profits from the volatile foreign exchange markets of the world. So if the fees charged by overseas money transfer providers like PayPal or Western Union make your heart skip a beat, you know it’s time to find someone who rises above the competition.

XE.com-history and position of the site

There are several money transfer companies in the market, so finding one that fits your personal or business requirements can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. This is where transferring money with XE eliminates the hidden fees that other financial institutions charge discreetly or otherwise.

Unlike the scores of other independent exchange services operating in the market, XE has been in the business for over 20 years and is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, which itself is the leader in facilitating electronic payments between banks, retailers and consumers around the world. In fact, leading brands like PayPal, Google, Netflix and Apple use XE.com international money transfers for their payments.

XE Money Transfers

XE Money Transfer is an online foreign exchange remittance company having its headquarters in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. The foreign exchange experts at XE ensure that the customers get the best deal when using their portal. XE.com International money transfers allow you to remit money in 220 countries and across 139 currencies, with almost every transaction being completed in a single working day. There are no fees, the rates are competitive and regular updates are sent on your phone via SMS or through email.

XE collaborates with independent third-party research companies to gather data on rates and fees. These companies then request a money transfer quote from some banks and XE for the specified amount to be transferred within a matter of minutes. These details are then recorded and supplied to XE so that the FX margin for XE Money Transfer can be calculated and passed on to the customer. With zero transfer fees, XE Money Transfer is an affordable and efficient way to send money internationally. However, there may be hidden charges levied by the participating banks, over which XE has no control.

Why do the exchange rates on XE.com and XE money transfer service differ?

Exchange rates provide an indication of how much your money is worth, if exchanged into the currency of another country. Since currency exchange transactions are happening 24×7, seven days a week, there are bound to be fluctuations in the foreign currencies that are being actively traded. These rates are known as flexible exchange rates, as they keep changing constantly from one moment to another, depending upon supply and demand.

Since most of the currencies of the world are bought and sold based on flexible exchange rates, high demand or shortage will lead to an increase in its price. The exchange rates at XE.com are linked with foreign exchange markets. When the markets are open, the rate offered to you will keep fluctuating till you confirm your transaction, after which the exchange rate is treated as fixed. In other words, the rate you see on the XE.com website is not the mid-market rate, because if the markets are closed on weekends, the rate last offered will be when the market last closed and not current.

What is the difference between interbank exchange rate and buy/sell rates?

A question that often crops up from time to time, especially for new entrants wishing to trade in foreign exchange, is that why is the buying and selling rate for a currency pair different? You will always find this anomaly whenever you open your trading portal. In order to fully understand what these two rates mean, you need to have a basic understanding of how trading in foreign exchange works.

The concepts are actually very simple. The buying price, also referred to as the bid price, of a currency exchange rate is considered to be the rate at which the market is willing to buy the currency at. The selling or ask rate is the rate at which sellers within the market are ready to offload their currency at.

The buying rate will always be lower than the selling rate, the difference being known as spread. The spread between the buying and selling rate is effectively a tool to ensure a profit for the agent who facilitated the deal. As a rule of thumb, the more liquid the asset, the smaller the spread, as when trading in Euros or US dollars which are said to be the most liquid currency pair in the world. The spread widens as the liquidity is passed down to smaller specialists who each want to claim their share in the deal.

The interbank rate, also known as the mid-market rate is exactly halfway between the buying and selling rate of a currency pair. Unfortunately, this rate is reserved for big banks dealing in large transactions, which means the average person making a smaller transfer has to pay a hefty markup for the service provider to make a profit. On average, this levy is between 4%-6% and can affect your wallet significantly if you are making international transactions regularly.


XE charges no transfer fees no matter which currency and amount transferred.XE also offers great exchange rates. However, XE is a business and needs to make a profit to survive. It is therefore important to look closely at the way XE structures the payments.

Since mid-market rate is not achievable through XE, they cover costs through markups. Markups tend to be 0.5% to slightly less than 1% over the mid-market rate for most currencies, except for a few. This against many competitors who have markups of  over 1% in all cases. It is therefore important to check the exchange rate, if you want to consider XE for sending money abroad.