Why You Should (Broadly) Ignore the Markets When It Comes to Crypto

Elon Musk, a man who has been in the headlines recently, tweeted the following financial advice:

Buy stock in several companies that make products & services that *you* believe in.” 

He added:

Only sell if you think their products & services are trending worse. Don’t panic when the market does.”

It was hardly an original sentiment from the new owner of Twitter. Many successful investors preach that you should only invest in products that you believe in. But Musk’s statement raised an interesting question about investing in products that not only might we not believe in but that we might not fully understand. And the most typical example would be cryptocurrency. 


Now, you can take it as a given that many of those who invest in cryptocurrency do so because they believe it will make them money. The product, in many cases, isn’t important to them. Instead, it’s the fact that they believe those lines on the charts will continue to go up. 

2022 has been terrible for crypto so far

Of course, in 2022, many of the lines on the charts have been trending downwards. Almost halfway through the year and Bitcoin, for example, is about 40% down from its highs of 2021. The same can go for all the other major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. As economic conditions worsen around the world, and many are tipping a recession, you can be sure that we will see many crypto investors cut their losses. And many experts will – once again – predict that the party is over. 

It should be noted, however, that cryptocurrency does not only exist in the mainstream investor ecosystem. In fact, it’s created its own ecosystem. If you consider things like lending pools and yield farming, for instance. Those are methods to make crypto work for you without relying on the value of the underlying asset to always increase. Yes, some might compare yield farming to the offering of casino bonuses, in that there is no underlying guarantee of success – it’s a gamble, despite the initial reward you receive. But it’s a fair example of how crypto can work outside of the traditional buy & sell on the market. 

Always invest in what you believe in

But getting back to what Musk said about investing in stuff that you believe in. When it comes to cryptocurrency, it means you are, therefore, looking for crypto assets with utility, i.e., that actually do something beyond being digital money. And there are many examples of this. Filecoin, for example, works as a cloud storage solution; MANA is the currency for the ever-growing gaming metaverse of Decentraland; Ethereum, well, it’s the backbone of the decentralized web3 movement. 

Now, the point here is not to say that these cryptocurrencies – battered as they have been in 2022 – will eventually succeed. Instead, it’s to go back to what Musk said and state that they represent projects that many people believe in. People don’t buy MANA simply because they think the hocus pocus of the market will see it keep rising over time; they do so because they believe that Decentraland will be one of the most significant ‘metaverses’, perhaps even rivalling the Horizon Worlds from Meta/Facebook. 

Conversely, many cryptocurrencies do nothing beyond existing. You can also put some – the stress is on some – NFT projects in that bracket, too. A lot of the investment in these projects is placed only because the investors think it will make them money. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money, of course. But it goes back to what Musk said about backing projects you believe in. Whether it’s Dogecoin or some badly pixilated NFT ‘art’, can you really say that you believe in the product?

In the end, if you are one to follow Elon Musk’s advice, then it can be applied to crypto. You should invest in projects that have utility – those that can make a significant impact in the real – or virtual – world. Crypto is likely here to stay, but those projects with little worth will likely fall by the wayside. If they are good enough, the others might weather the storm that has hit them in 2022. 

Does Cbd Oil Help Dogs Itchy Skin? – According To Doctor Monika Wassermann

CBD oil has been documented for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular treatment option among pet owners to apply to dogs who suffer from itchy skin. So if it really does, how does cbd oil help dogs itchy skin? CBD oil, as sold in tinctures by the likes of JustCBD, can help to heal painful allergic skin reactions, decreasing inflammation, relieving discomfort in dogs.

Since they both play a part in the skin problems caused by allergies in dogs, it stands to reason that CBD oil could help with the symptoms of your dogs skin allergies. Whether your dogs skin problems stem from food allergies or from contact allergies, keep reading for more information about how CBD oil might work best for your furry friend. This all-natural treatment is safe for dogs, has no known severe side effects, and can be helpful if bad skin caused by an unidentified food allergy is a primary cause.

Based on a few reviews, from users who by CBD products for sale on online platforms like Olio Lusso, in addition to helping reduce anxiety levels in their dogs, this CBD oil has been shown to ease symptoms from food allergies. Based on the current information (research and anecdotal evidence), cannabis hemp products are beneficial to dogs with allergies.

CBD oil, especially the pure CBD derived oil of cannabis, may offer the same benefits of THC, without the alteration of cognitive abilities of dogs. Because of CBDs connection with ECS, giving dogs CBD may also improve the dogs skin health, because phytocannabinoids, including CBD, aid in the promotion of homeostasis (processes that maintain a steady state in the body). CBD for dog allergies may also help keep dogs normal skin moisture levels if applied directly to their skin.

It is even safe to apply CBD oil directly to dog skin that is affected by itching or hot spots. Meanwhile, topical balms, creams, and salve allow dog owners to put CBD oil on the affected areas of their dogs skin. Special shampoos and medicated rubs can be used, applying it directly onto affected areas of the skin, thus helping provide some immediate itch relief.

For now, if you are interested in learning how you can use CBD to help manage symptoms of skin allergies and atopic dermatitis in your dog, read on. For a more complete list of research about CBD and how CBD impacts skin, you can engage with medical professional and Loxa Beauty lifestyle, fitness & health writer – Doctor Monika Wassermann.

Additionally, giving your dog CBD oil will help strengthen their immune system and decrease their need for scratching, possibly even eliminating symptoms entirely, as long as you are treating the source of the itching. Not only does CBD provide healthy skin for your dog, it can reduce pain and help keep your dog calm and free from anxiety. Because CBD oil works by decreasing inflammatory cytokines, cannabis oil may ease chronic inflammation or pain in your dog. The combination of krill oil and CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which mitigates inflammation and allergies on skin, thus, keeping dogs from experiencing short-term discomfort and pain.

To Refinance or Not to Refinance?

As a homeowner, it may be worthwhile refinancing a mortgage for a lower rate. Refinancing is the process by which an existing mortgage is exchanged for a mortgage with a lower interest rate. Of course, there are pros and cons to refinancing. Consider a mortgage repayment of £185,000 over a long-term loan (30 years) with an initial fixed rate for 2 years and a variable rate for the remaining 28 years of the loan. The fixed-rate is locked in. This rate cannot be changed regardless of the current interest rate.


The variable rate is a little more complicated. With a variable rate, the initial mortgage rate no longer applies. Homeowners will be subject to their specific bank’s buy to let variable rate, or the standard variable rate. These figures are published and updated by banks. At the end of the fixed-rate mortgage, the standard variable rate kicks in. For the most part, UK homeowners tend to prefer fixed-rate mortgages.


The interest rate cannot change for the duration of the ‘fixed’ period. This means that mortgage repayments are set, regardless of what the market is doing. If a low-interest rate is locked in at inception, this can prove especially beneficial when interest rates start rising considerably over time.


Unbeknownst to many first-time homeowners, substantial costs are involved with homeownership. The majority of the payments for the first 10 – 15 years of a typical 30-year mortgage is actually interest repayment. Minimal principle is paid down in the beginning, with the bulk of the principal being paid towards the end of the mortgage. For homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages, a good time to do this is the conclusion of the fixed-rate period. With a variable-rate mortgage, the actual number depends upon the national interest rate. The only time a variable rate mortgage works in a homeowner’s favour is when interest rates are dropping.


Is it ever a Good Idea to Refinance a Mortgage?


Mortgages can be refinanced, provided the property owner qualifies for refinancing. This complex process is especially difficult for self-employed individuals, since profit and loss statements, audits, tax returns, bank statements, debt to income ratios and other important documents are required. Besides the paper trail, there are many fees to consider. These include the following:


  • Loan origination fees
  • Property appraisal charges
  • The mortgage application fee
  • Survey fees/inspection fees/closing fee


The percentages are small, but given the value of a mortgage these figures quickly add up. Often, refinancing rolls the costs of the mortgage into the new fees. It’s entirely possible that a significant chunk of the principal that has been paid off may be lost in a refinanced mortgage.


Put differently, homeowners may find themselves back at square one, albeit with a lower interest rate. This predicament decreases the monthly burden, but it also decreases the equity in the property. There are many aspects of mortgage refinancing to consider, and a lower interest rate isn’t always the best way to go.


As a rule of thumb, financial experts advise anyone wanting to refinance to consider how long it will take to pay off the costs of the refinance. An interest-rate reduction of at least 2% is worth pursuing. Mortgage calculators are useful tools in this regard. Unfortunately, refinancing costs can be substantial, and amount to 3% – 6% of the principal amount of the loan.


Savings that are enjoyed through lower interest repayments will still take many years to recover the costs of the refinanced mortgage. From a different perspective, refinancing can reduce the debt to income ratio, helping to improve credit scores and grow financial portfolios through additional homeownership.


What to do with More Disposable Income?


Mortgage refinancing increases disposable income. That’s because the raison d’etre for refinancing is lower monthly payments. Real money can be leveraged through different assets, investments and opportunities. Some folks invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, indices, and currency pairs. Others opt for an affordable entertainment budget and try their luck at an online casino platform, or the National Lottery. Regardless, it’s all about decreasing the debt burden and improving the quality of one’s lifestyle.


To make a long story short, refinancing is beneficial when there are substantial cost savings in terms of monthly mortgage repayments. The money can be put into retirement savings, home renovations, or a much-needed rainy day fund. The value of disposable income cannot be understated, especially in today’s tumultuous global economy.

Why Suburban Boroughs are ideal for your first home

There’s a lot to consider when buying your first home and from the carpet to the curtains you may have your hands full when it comes to pleasing everyone. But there’s a good reason many suburbs are seeing steep rises in house sales and you may want to keep these areas in mind for your first move. Whether you’re a single young professional looking to get on the property ladder on your own or you’re a growing family looking for a place to settle down, a home in a suburban borough may be the perfect spot for you.


Plenty of green space


One of the best parts about moving to a London borough or a suburban area is the plethora of green space you have access to. Spending time in nature is key for mental health, physical health and general well being so ensuring you have an abundance of it is pretty important. With shared ownership homes in Kent providing plenty of natural landscape and blissful countryside to enjoy you can get on the property ladder here with those boxes being ticked. Perfect for kids and plenty of picnics and run arounds in the park to be had, a home surrounded by nature is always a winner.


Good schools


Another reason to get on the property ladder in a suburb is the great schools and educational opportunities they offer. If you have little ones to think about, shared ownership homes in Berkshire could be ideal, with plenty of schools to choose from in the area as well as having great connections to the capital. With plenty of parks, golf courses, sports facilities and historical places to visit, this suburb is one to keep in mind if you have kids.


Safety and community


Living in a suburb will always feel different from living in the centre of a city and one of these reasons could be safety. With a close community and a friendly neighbourhood, suburbs are welcoming and supportive and can have you embracing a little more peace of mind when it comes to letting the kids play out or go out with their friends. Shared ownership homes in Surrey are greatly popular and with a great reputation, very high performing schools and plenty of Kent countryside, this suburban home is pretty ideal.


Housing schemes


One of the best reasons to move to a suburb may be the number of opportunities you have when it comes to buying a home there. New developments are always cropping up in these areas from shared ownership homes to help to buy properties, so you can find something that fits your future plans and your budget. Housing schemes are growing in popularity for the access they provide to the housing market for first time buyers and whether you’re browsing shared ownership homes in Hampshire or help to buy properties in Brighton, these schemes are a great place to start if you’re a first time buyer.

Why going rural is great for your health

If you’re looking to move to somewhere a little greener, then 2022 could be your year. With many people moving to somewhere a little more rural in light of the pandemic, setting your sights on somewhere with a bit more open space could have lots of benefits for your mental and physical health. Rural areas are seeing sharp rises in house sales so if you’ve got your eye on one you may want to act fast and snap up your dream home.


Calmer with Less Stress


One of the best bits about moving to somewhere with a little more space is the sense that the pace of life is a lot slower. This can seem like an alien concept if you’re used to living in the thick of it amid London’s metropolis or you’re a creative young professional in your city apartment. But in an area that’s a little less populated and has less busy streets, roads and trains, the atmosphere can really make a difference. Not only will it allow you to stress less and embrace a more calming pace that won’t have you waiting for trains that are never on time or rushing through crowds of people on the underground or having to sit in traffic to go around the corner, you can also appreciate things more that you may not have noticed while rushing around. Shared ownership homes in Derbyshire are a great move for this slower pace of life and towns and villages home to family owned businesses and local boutiques, you can enjoy friendly conversation with cashiers rather than rushing in and out of everywhere and grabbing fast food on the go.


Better work/life balance


One of the best parts about moving somewhere rural is the difference in work life balance. Many people who live in the city spend a lot of time in the office or working late, doing extra work and not having a lot of time for family. In more rural areas you can separate yourself from the work life you may have in the city and come home to a calmer more countryside location to forget about the busy working day. Not constantly being surrounded by the noise of the city and the gleaming lights will have a better impact on your sleep and routine so you can focus on things you enjoy rather than always feeling on edge with the constant stimulation of the city at your window. With less distractions you can learn to truly relax and be present with your family. Shared ownership in Surrey is a great way to get on the property ladder where the city is well within reach but you are safely surrounded by the serenity of the Kent countryside.


Exercise and Physical Health


While there are plenty of benefits to having a more laid back attitude to life that comes with moving to the countryside, your physical health can also be improved. With much cleaner air than that of busy city centres and better quality food from local farmer’s markets and real produce, your insides will thank you for a move to something like shared ownership homes in Cheshire. It also means you are more likely to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors if it’s a place of natural beauty rather than something more concrete based. Moving your body more and spending time together as a family is always going to have health benefits and with a move somewhere rural you know that’ll be on offer.


So whether you’re looking for shared ownership homes in Bedfordshire or an apartment in Maidstone, the move to the countryside could be just what you need in 2022.

The Latest Housing Trends for First Time Buyers

As 2022 edges ever closer, a view of the past year and the latest home buyer trends is becoming ever more clearer. Bearing in mind what the latest housing trends are can be helpful in terms of deciding what’s best for you when it comes to buying your first home. From the type of homes being purchased to the way people are buying their first home, a lot has changed over the last year and with plenty of schemes out there to help first time buyers find just what they need, getting to know your options could save you a lot of money.


Shared Ownership


A key way in which young people and families are now buying their home is through shared ownership. Allowing you to part buy, part rent a property, shared ownership involves buying a share in a property rather than purchasing the entire value of the home. Cutting down the deposits and minimising the mortgage, shared ownership is a great option if you want to get on the property ladder quickly without worrying about those hefty initial costs. With many of these homes being new builds and in some top areas across the country from shared ownership homes in Surrey to Tunbridge Wells, shared ownership is a real winner.


Outdoor space


One of the most important features that first time buyers have been prioritising is the amount of outdoor space available to them. From gardens to countryside views, the outdoors has become a key factor in deciding whether to buy and making that move on the property market. And with shared ownership homes available in Derbyshire and plenty of other areas rich in natural landscape, first time buyers are jumping at the opportunity to buy a home with plenty of space while saving money. Shared ownership homes in East Sussex are also proving popular with everything from the Kent countryside to beaches nearby.


Great Connections


Ensuring you live just within reach of the city is a big priority for first time buyers this year. While many of us have switched to working remotely, being able to easily get into the office or out for lunch is a top priority on the list. With shared ownership homes in Cheshire putting you well within reach of Manchester while being surrounded in countryside is a real winner for first time buyers. And should London be your city of choice there are plenty of London boroughs now transformed into young professionals haven. With shared ownership homes in Bedfordshire promising plenty of space with trains to London by the hour, getting the balance right is something everyone has taken into consideration this year after a significant time spent within their own four walls.


Help to Buy


Another option first time buyers are opting for is Help to Buy. With a 5% deposit and 20% equity loan that carries 0% interest for the first 5 years, buying a home with help to buy takes the pressure off your finances in those first initial stages. And if you’re looking to buy a home in London you can get a 40% equity loan, reducing your mortgage to just 55%.


With plenty of new priorities, opportunities and considerations for the new year, it may just be the time to start thinking about what you want from your first home. So have a think and really consider what’s important to you when imagining your dream home.