How Much Do YouTubers Earn?

To get a broader idea of some possible variations to the case I’m absolutely sure about, I posed a question in a Facebook group for Digital Nomads, asking if there was anyone in the group who was making their full-time income as a YouTuber. I deliberately didn’t ask how much they were making, although that was what I really wanted to know, because I wanted them to discuss all the other dynamics around the monthly figure they’re managing to pull in. Continue reading

What Life Changes Can Boost Your Salary?

There are many life changes which you can make to increase your personal finances, from setting up a budget to making your home more energy efficient to cut back the costs. When it comes to your professional life, in order to receive a boost to your salary there are various different life changes that can help achieve this. Whether you simply need some extra money or feel that an increase in your salary is deserved, the following methods should provide a decent boost to your wage in the near future.    Continue reading

Salary trends in Bristol for 2015

CC image credit to 401(K) 2012 of

Heading into an election year, employment issues and personal finances are at the top of many peoples’ minds. While unemployment during the recession was not as high as initially expected, salaries and wages have failed to increase significantly for many years, and many people in Bristol and the south-west have lost earning power in real terms because of the effects of inflation. Continue reading

How to Achieve a Happy Office

We all want a job that doesn’t feel like a job. A job that we enjoy and a job that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning. We want to wake up feeling excited to go to work, not dreading it. As an employer, it’s your role to ensure that your employees enjoy the environment that they work in. I’ve created a guide on how to achieve a happy office so that your employees enjoy coming to work every day.

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5 Simple Steps to Start a Pop Up Shop

Pop up shops are literally popping up everywhere. On every high street, in virtually every town and city across the UK, temporary shops and spaces are being opened up and selling a variety of items from clothes and shoes, to art and pottery.

But, although they may look simple, making sure that people know you are there is important and, with every business knowing the importance of marketing, it is no different for a pop up shop. Fortunately, there are some cheap printed marketing solutions such as roller banners to help in letting people know what you are, who you are and what they will gain from shopping with you.

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