How to Achieve a Happy Office

We all want a job that doesn’t feel like a job. A job that we enjoy and a job that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning. We want to wake up feeling excited to go to work, not dreading it. As an employer, it’s your role to ensure that your employees enjoy the environment that they work in. I’ve created a guide on how to achieve a happy office so that your employees enjoy coming to work every day.


Bright, modern office design
Plain white walls and hard, uncomfortable chairs are not the best amplifier for creativity. To get the most out of your workers you need to create an environment that is bright and fun; you could add quotes and motivational images around the room to inspire them. Also think about upgrading the lighting with some creative and inspiring fixtures, say, a custom ribbon cloud from somewhere like LightArt ( to bring in a glow to the workspace that can keep everyone’s energies up. A comfy chair will make your workers feel more relaxed so they will get a better job done rather than feeling stressed, which may cause them to make more mistakes.

Nice tools to work with
It is surprising what little differences you can make to ensure your employees are happy at work. Their own personal laptop rather than a desktop can make a lot of difference and may even improve efficiency as they are more likely to take their work home if they are on a tight deadline. You can get great deals on laptops at Even supplying them with pens and notepads can make a big difference, it can be annoying to some having to buy things for work, they have the opinion that anything to do with work should be provided by the company. There are many little things such as software and kitchen appliances that could change the average day for those working for you.

Playing games on lunch breaks

ping pong
It has been said that if you spend just half an hour away from your desk at lunch time it can raise your creativity and productivity then what you would have if you stayed at your desk throughout the day. But what can you do during that half an hour if your office is in the middle of nowhere? Why not set up a games room in your premises with a ping- pong table and Xbox. This simple investment can help your employees get away from the stressful office for a while. Taking a break once a while is the key to success as it gives you time to revitalise your brain cells.

Putting on the radio or soft music during the day can help your employees feel happier at work, as it will make them feel more relaxed. It also helps to drown out the noise of people on the phone and creates less of a tense atmosphere. Just be careful for the employee who loves a singsong and don’t put on inappropriate songs full of naughty words – some may get offended.

Tea and coffee on demand

coffee machine
The amount of tea or coffee employees have during the day its important they have a decent one! Why not supply some green tea which is known to have lots of good side effects for individual’s health. You could also think about getting a coffee machine in the office so they can enjoy luxurious lattes and cappuccinos on demand.

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