Automation is the Key to Building Wealth

When it comes to building up your wealth, every little penny counts and every little detail as well, which is why you’ll have the richest of the rich grilling their accounting staff about every last penny that may appear to be missing or unaccounted for. Why do you think financial institutions make a killing in the manner which they do, by simply extracting mere pennies out of every few pounds and why do you think brokers who do the same also make the killing that they do? Continue reading

What’s All the Fuss About Principal Capital?

In the true spirit of the founding principles of TheMoneyGuy, our focus falls squarely on how the financial institutions make their money. I mean I certainly would love to have what is effectively a licence to print money like the banks do and that’s how they make their money — they use the money we all contribute as deposits to create loans. So they loan all our money out and charge interest on those loans. Continue reading

Why You Should Be Investing In Web Design For Your Business

In this day and age, it’s vital for your business to have a website. Your website should be helpful and easy to navigate—a space people will want to return to. To ensure your website looks and works just as you want it to, hire a professional web designer.  Creative agencies such as 4040 Creative are your best bet, as their design and development teams are totally in sync.    Continue reading

Where do the millionaires of Australia choose to live?

In 2014, the number of Australian millionaires hit a five-year high with 43,500 people now reaching millionaire status living in the country. But exactly where do the rich live and are they staying in Australia or are they heading out of the country to somewhere new? According to research, it seems that many wealthy Australians are choosing to stay in their home country and while London is home to more billionaires than anywhere else in the world; Sydney is now home to 95,400 millionaires after welcoming 4,000 new additions in 2015. Continue reading