5 industries that went into liquidation and survived because of the internet

The internet has created a real change in the way people work and this new phenomenon has revolutionised the working world. Naturally, it’s had a dark side as well as a good side, while business have had to navigate their way around the changes that have seen many of them struggle.

Getting caught with business debt

Many business have altered and adapted to the internet, avoiding insolvency and liquidation by making important HMRC tax and vat payments. Others have not been so shrewd, resisting technological change and falling victim to business debt and the painful prospect of winding up a company.

Get company debt advice and survive

The infographic here looks at 5 major industries and explores how they managed to navigate their way through it. By looking at these industries it shows that it is possible to adapt, change and move with the times, and just as importantly – survive and avoid business debt and liquidation. Global connectivity continues to thrive and there are currently no signs of it slowing down, the internet is king and it’s seeping into our lives. Your business will either sink or swim, and if you want to swim then you’re going to have to become much more adaptable to survive.
This infographic was created by CompanyDebt.com who help businesses who are going through debt, liquidation or having problems paying HMRC VAT – providing business debt advice.
How 5 Industries were Changed By The Internet

Courtesy of: CompanyDebt.com

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