5 Tips to Save Money On Car Key Replacement

Losing a car key or locking yourself outside can be dreadful. Since you carry your car keys everywhere, it’s easy to lose or misplace them. It can be frustrating to lock car keys inside the vehicle, especially if you have to rush somewhere. In addition, the cost of replacing and programming car keys can be high, depending on the vehicle and key model. That’s why it helps to learn ways of saving money on car key replacement.

Instances When Car Key Replacement is Necessary

Car key failure or misplacement can occur anytime. You might also need to replace your car keys if they aren’t locking or unlocking a vehicle as they should. Thus, it’s beneficial to get acquainted with a professional locksmith to bail you out whenever you need to replace car keys. Damage is among the leading reasons why car owners replace car keys. Car keys wear out over time, especially modern ones that contain a transponder. If the chip sustains damage from moisture or other causes, it’s best to replace the car keys immediately. Car owners also replace car keys to increase their car’s security, especially for older or vintage cars. Here are other reasons you might need a key made for your car:

  • Security system malfunction
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Broken key
  • Damaged lock

The cost of replacing damaged, stolen, or lost car keys can be hefty. Fortunately, you no longer have to spend an arm and a leg replacing car keys. The following top five ways to save on car replacement keys will save your day.

Get help From a Locksmith

Car locksmiths offer an affordable way of replacing car keys. While the cost usually varies from a non-remote car key to remote car keys, car owners can still save money by hiring locksmith services. Usually, locksmiths are flexible enough to come to where your car is for car key replacement services. Therefore, it saves you the trouble and expense of towing the vehicle.

They arrive well-stocked with car key blanks and tools to replace and delete old keys for security purposes. Also, the car key replacement services take a few minutes instead of placing an order from a car dealer. An auto locksmith in Adelaide, or wherever you are in the world, will have the necessary equipment to replace all car key types and for most car models. Therefore, they are your plug whenever you need a car key replacement.

Claim on Your Car Insurance

Some car insurance policies cover car key replacements for lost or stolen keys. Some even provide car owners with another car or cover the cost of hiring a vehicle when they cannot use their own due to a lost, damaged, or stolen car key. Therefore, you can save money by filing a claim with the insurance company. However, ensure that you meet the conditions defined in the key lost policy. For instance, insurance companies require car keys to be missing for a specified time before the cover comes in to pay for car key replacement. Car owners should read through the fine print carefully to save money on car key replacement. That way, you might cover some or all the car key replacement costs.

Keep Spare Keys

Having a spare auto key is an effective and easy way of saving money on car key replacement. Locksmith services are likely to be cheaper when you have spare car keys because you only need a duplicated key, which is more affordable than creating new car keys. Besides the cost savings, getting an auto key duplicate can save you the agony of being locked out of your vehicle.

It’s advisable to have more than two spare car keys. Also, ensure to give one copy to a trustworthy friend or family member that can quickly come to your help whenever you misplace your car keys. The cost of calling emergency car key replacement can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. If the key is a remote fob, ensure that the batteries in the spare fobs are functional.

It would also help to get a mechanical key without a transmitter. Such keys can save your day when locked out of a vehicle. While the mechanical key cannot start a car, they are an easy and affordable way of accessing your vehicle after being locked out. Thus, it saves on the money you would have otherwise used to replace car keys after locking them in the car. A locksmith can easily use the mechanical key to produce another key if you have lost it.

Key Locator

Car owners can save money on car key replacement by investing in a key locator device, especially if they frequently lose car keys. The device is designed to help people locate their lost or stolen keys. Also, investing in a Bluetooth alarm tracker can significantly save on car key replacement. They are important in finding lost car keys but ensure you don’t lose your phone because you need it to track lost car keys. You can tell when the key locator device has found your car keys if it lights up or starts to beep. The device also rings when an individual is unable to find the car keys.

Waterproof Protective Cover

For active lifestyle people, waterproofing and shockproofing their car keys can significantly save on car key replacement cost. If you love outdoor activities like surfing, fishing, diving, or camping, your car keys are often prone to damage, dirt, and wear and tear. Waterproofing allows you to carry the car keys to those enjoyable sports or activities, eliminating the fear of stolen car keys. Moreover, car owners can bring along their keys and will still be functional and protected. Waterproof car keys are unlikely to break or wear out quickly. It’s advisable to hire a locksmith for waterproofing and shockproofing car keys for a more professional and affordable job.

Stolen, damaged, or lost car keys can cause stress and inconveniences, and the process of car key replacement can be costly. Fortunately, you can save money by hiring a locksmith, waterproofing, and keeping a spare key. Choose these options for peace of mind and to save your hard-earned money.