Bay Windows: Complete Info for a Perspective Buyer

Bay windows are the most frequently used window type for the projection of the outside world inside of the house. They are frequently made up of a central part and two side windows, however, other variations do exist. The central part is regularly fixed and installed parallel to the existing wall.

Depending on your needs and project side windows can be set at a 30 to 90 angle. Most frequently designers combine casements or double-hung windows. This is not only because of their aesthetic appeal but also because it is a good method of insulation. Besides that, if homeowners get energy saving double hung windows, then it becomes an added bonus to the house’s features.

In the household the space created by the bay windows is frequently used for plant display or the creation of a cozy corner with a small sofa and pillows for reading. Regardless of the function, you want your new bay windows replacement project to give you, there are several things you may need to consider before you make any decisions on things such as possibly hiring a window contractor that you’ve been recommended, or even potentially one similar to Renewal by Andersen. You may also need to do some research on which room you could choose to add this new feature to due to many reasons such as light and spatial availability.


Add home value. One of the most important reasons why people choose bay windows for window replacement projects is their aesthetic appeal. On the exterior part of the house, windows create a clean and modern look; whereas on the interior part of the house, you get an elegant style and a feeling of additional space. As you get new windows for replacement (and qualitative ones), you automatically add value to the house in case of resale.

Much natural light. Bay windows are frequently installed in houses to add extra natural light to the house. At this point as well as getting a more beautiful view and light you also get more UV rays coming into the house. So, when choosing the windows professionals at North Georgia Replacement Windows and similar window installing firms can advise accurately on what kind of windows you should go for. On a general note, consider heat-resistant and UV-protection coatings for bay windows.

Good ventilation. As the bay windows construction has two movable parts on the sides when opened they allow a lot of fresh air into the house and provide you with great ventilation.

Versatility. Bay windows are a perfect addition to any home style. Whether you have a classic design, a minimalist house, or a Victorian-themed dwelling, bay windows will work perfectly for all of them. This is the reason why a good number of homeowners may want to install bay windows by seeking the help of MWT Windows and similar firms while doing a complete home renovation.


When you consider installing bay windows in your home, make sure that you consult and hire a professional contractor in order not to damage the frames of the existing windows while installing hardware.

Professionals advise not to save on bay windows, because low-budget options can be unpredictable. They warn that poorly constructed bay windows will always have structural problems. It means that if you do not want to pay money for the new windows and then constantly deal with their maintenance and repair works, spend a little more and gain best quality and peace of mind.

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