A Beginner’s Guide to Saving on Sports Ticket Prices

There is little doubt that the English Premier League is among the best leagues in the world. With droves of finest players from Europe, South America and Africa among other continents, it is surely a delight to watch. However, one thing that blights the beautiful game in England is the exorbitantly high ticket prices. Rather than let the ticket price hikes to get in the way of your team, use this guide to save on ticket prices.

How to save on ticket costs

Watch away games

Going to an away game could get you discounted travel and tickets. The Premier League gives 12 pounds to clubs so that they can subsidize extra costs that come with visiting another club. Under the program that was launched last year, some clubs give traveling fans free coach travel while others provide ticket deals.


This year for instance at Arsenal, visiting fans get to be rewarded for coming to the Emirates with a discount of £2.50 discount when they come to the stadium the next time. Also, the club gives traveling fans £10 in fixtures and refreshments.

Volunteer for your club

Did you know that you can actually watch Premier League matches for next to nothing even if you are not a sports journalist? The truth is that you can actually watch games for nothing even as you are on your regular job.

You can apply to volunteer for your team as a ball girl or ball boy. These types of fans will normally enjoy a front-row viewing of the action and, while they are not usually paid for their services, they get free kits of their team’s colours every season.

Incentives and add-ons

If you are a cash-strapped supporter, you may want to take advantage of the special deals normally offered by clubs.

For instance, Tottenham Hotspurs have free ticket lottery deals for club members as well as season-ticket holders. Also, season ticket holders and One Hotspur Members can apply to come with under-16 to the stadium (White Hart Lane) for free.

Overall, 13 clubs hiked their ticket prices the past season. And out of these, Burnley offended fans the most. Their tickets rose from £329 to £499. However, the good news is that Burnley fans will get £100 off that much of 2015/2016 season ticket provided they renew.


Stick with your local team

If you do not mind so much about quality of football, you can still support your local team even on a budget. For instance, if you are a Man U fan, you can choose to support Ashton United for just 10 pounds or FC United of Manchester for which the ticket prices cost £8. This is compared to the £53 that you will need to pay for a Manchester United Premier League match.

Buy season tickets

Paying for your matches in advance is another cheaper way to save on the ticket prices of your team. If you are a Chelsea fan, a ticket to watch an epl game will cost you just £595 while a single game costs up to £45. Therefore, if you buy Chelsea FC tickets in advance, you stand to save a lot.

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