Best Credit Cards in the UK

In this article I’ll be looking at some of the best credit cards UK people can choose from. These can be great for those that need a little extra help in their credit card spending. Often these cards offer either rewards or cash back which can make purchasing things cheaper. This isn’t always the case though as often the credit card company will also charge an annual fee. Read on to discover which credit cards in the UK offer the best deals.

Rewards cards are fantastic for people that like to shop and those that like to travel. These credit cards in the UK usually offer cashback or air miles rewards, which can make shopping even more enjoyable. Often there is also an annual fee attached to these types of credit cards, although many offer no annual fee and just get cashback or air miles instead.

When it comes to rewards credit cards in the UK, American Express has some very good offers. It offers plenty of rewards and cashback, which is perfect for those that like to save money. There are also no annual fee to American Express, which makes this an ideal choice for many consumers. The cashback and air miles make American Express one of the best credit cards in the UK.

The other two credit cards in the UK that provide rewards and cashback incentives are Cashback Credit Card from Discover and VISA credit card from Chase. Both of these companies have high customer satisfaction ratings, so you know that if you apply with these you’re likely to be happy with your decision to sign up. Many consumers enjoy receiving cashback on purchases or cashback on air miles and this can help you get more free time or take a long holiday.

If you like the benefits offered by American Express credit cards but want to find a card that provides a little more in the way of rewards and cashback then try a zero APR card from Discover. This special offer is actually zero APR for the first year, which means you won’t have to pay any interest charges. For consumers that travel a lot this can be a lifesaver. You’ll also have access to special offers such as air miles, gift cards, and other great amenities. A zero percent APR for a year makes this a great credit card if you travel often.

American Express credit cards are well rounded options. You can choose the right one for your needs and rewards and cashback programs will help you reduce your overall interest costs. Keep in mind that even though American Express credit cards have high customer satisfaction ratings you should compare them to other options. This way you’ll get the most out of your card. Finding the right balance between cost, benefits, and reliability is what makes a credit card worth having.