Can a Landlord Sell a House While Renting?

One of the general concerns of renting an apartment or a house is the uncertainty that the owner or the landlord may divert the property on sale when the time comes. This is possibly secondary to why the landlord owns the property and has every right to sell it.

However, despite the right to sell own property – the tenant has their own as well. To further be informed what you should do as a tenant or as a landlord when the situation arises, here are some details you may want to know.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Proprietor

A landlord can always sell the house by contacting real estate agents in Toronto (if this is where the house is located), even if it is still for rent. In that case, a tenant might have to consider the possibility of finding another place to stay. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that a tenant should vacate immediately without notice. In some usual cases, when a landlord sells the property to a buyer, the new buyer tends to inform the tenants (who are willing to stay) to sign a new contract – and if the current terms and conditions are not troublesome for both parties, evacuation can be out of the option.

Contract Check

As a responsible landlord, it’s not only considerate but also legally required to provide tenants with a written notice at least 30 days or a month in advance of your intention to sell the rental property. When selling a property that is currently occupied, landlords can face unique challenges, but working with home-buying companies that specialize in purchasing properties with tenants can offer a hassle-free selling experience. These companies are adept at navigating the complexities involved when you need to sell a house with a tenant, ensuring a smooth transition for both the seller and the tenants. This approach not only respects the rights and needs of the tenants but also provides a streamlined, efficient pathway for landlords looking to sell. That being said, this advance notice is crucial as it allows tenants to prepare, informing them whether they need to vacate the premises or if there’s an opportunity to negotiate a new lease with the incoming owner.

This is where the contract stands in its significance; if the tenant has already signed a year-long (or more) agreement with the old landlord, it is a legal right to stay at the rental space at least until the contract expires.

Another factor that makes a contract essential to a lease is its contents. When renting a space – it is the tenant’s responsibility to read it and have the time to do so. Often, contract signing can be as fast as lightning that leads to trouble in the future. If the contract involves an agreement about automatic void of the lease when put on sale, do not associate with the contract unless you agree with its terms.

Return What Needs to be Returned

Much like any other rental space, a security deposit is always paid upfront – this is to assure that, if by any chance, when there is damage to the property, the tenant will not deny the payment for the destruction. Suppose the workers made no injuries and only the cleaning maintenance or repair costs before evacuation stands. In that case, the landlord is required by the law to send back the remaining deposit within a maximum of two months.


In some circumstances, the landlord has resorted to violence or violated any tenant’s rights. It is best to seek professional help and hire a tenant lawyer quickly. This is why knowing your rights as a tenant or as a landlord is crucial for the sake of not just the other party’s sake but also yours. We buy houses, so let us know if you are interested in getting an offer from our business. – SnapCashOffers