How can a bespoke app help your start-up take off?

Launching a start-up company can be exciting and stressful at the same time, because you should be looking at many aspects. On one hand, there is the administrative part of things, with registering your business, finding employees and a venue to rent, buying equipment and supplies. On the other hand, you need to start marketing the newly formed company, let the world know what you do and take advantage of every advertising opportunity. Although most business owners think that creating a bespoke app is something that should be done once the company grows, this process should actually take place in the beginning. Bespoke app development can greatly benefit your start-up and help you make money from the very beginning. Here’s why you should get in touch with a team of professionals and find out multiple opportunities that London software developers can offer you.

Build your brand

Success isn’t measured only in profit, but also in the way you are perceived by customer and the values you are associated with. Nowadays, many companies copy each other or make no lasting impression on their customers. By having a good mobile app, you can start building a brand and clients will be able to recognise you by your visual style and user experience. Of course, this involves making a long-term bespoke software development strategy, so you will need to work with a professional team comprising developers, designers, marketing and branding experts. It’s so easy to find a good app development company from the Visual Objects website if you’re ready to get started.

A faster way to connect with clients

Did you know that the average person spends 180 minutes on their phone every day and 90% of these 180 minutes are spent using apps? What’s more, only a very small percentage of these apps are games. People are more receptive than ever towards installing apps on their phones, including apps that belong to companies. Take advantage of this opportunity, because an app can help you connect with clients faster and reach out to a huge number of people at the same time. By using push notifications, for instance, you can let clients know that you have a new offer or product. Although it requires an initial investment, app development reduces the cost of other forms of advertisement.

Create customer loyalty

When it comes to creating customer loyalty, few methods are more effective and versatile with apps. You can encourage clients to interact with your brand more often by offering them vouchers and discount codes via the app, or by offering a special discount when they first install the application. Customer loyalty and acquisition are important in every field and you should always consider all strategies if you want to boost it. Applications take time to develop, but once they are tested and released on the market, they can really help you gain exposure and interact with clients. Many firms, such as Pangle, assist with app monetization, so once the production is complete, it should be simple for you to gain customer loyalty. If none of your competitors is using app, then it is a great opportunity for you to set apart from others and get an edge over them.

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