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Along the development path of my financial freedom trajectory I’d definitely love to one day graduate from being “The Money Guy” to “The Moneyed Guy!” It’s why we’re in it in the first place — to make money and to make lots of it and although some of us do indeed harbour ambitions of wealth creation, we’re still all forced to play the money game in some way or another. Continue reading

Statistics of Success: How the 5p Bag Charge Changed England

England’s 5p charge for single-use plastic bags followed similar initiatives across other parts of the United Kingdom, and the numbers show that it has been an unmitigated success. The fine covers all retailers with 250 or more full-time equivalent employees. Whether for in-store purchases or at-home deliveries, a 5p charge is levied against the use of every single-use plastic bag. Continue reading

LEDs – all grown up at last, and saving energy

The history of the LED has admittedly been a somewhat patchy one. From complaints about the expense of the bulbs to the poor quality of the light, the early suspicion was that they perhaps wouldn’t ever have much widespread use beyond the original red lights that we are familiar with from indicator boards, early computer games and the like. However, there have since been many improvements to the quality of LED light bulbs, including not only a wider colour range, but also variations in the temperature – whether the light appears warm or cool. While they are still a little on the more expensive side, the cost of LED bulbs has also come down a long way since the early examples.

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