Neo Casino Whales Now Live Online

Along the development path of my financial freedom trajectory I’d definitely love to one day graduate from being “The Money Guy” to “The Moneyed Guy!” It’s why we’re in it in the first place — to make money and to make lots of it and although some of us do indeed harbour ambitions of wealth creation, we’re still all forced to play the money game in some way or another.

So anyway, naturally one of the fantasies which would develop out of the ambitions of someone who has aspirations of being referred to as the “moneyed guy” would indeed fall in line with being referred to as a casino whale. If you’re a casino whale, you can claim that you’ve “made it” with very little to no push-back from anybody who might want to convince you otherwise. I’m talking about the true casino whale – the guy whom every casino in a town like Las Vegas is immediately aware of as soon as they land and the guy every casino wants to spend their bags of money with them.

Consequently, they might offer you a complementary room with all related expenses on the house, with the hope (and perhaps slight condition) that you’ll spend a good load of your money taking a chance on their tables or on the slots machines.

That traditional casino whale concept perhaps only really existed in towns dotted with casinos like the famous Las Vegas strip, but these days however there’s a different kind of casino whale. In line with the explosion we continue to witness in the online gambling industry, the new type of casino whale now lives online.

Because of what can be described to be a relatively healthy online gambling habit, it appears as if I’ve reached my target of being seen as somewhat of a casino whale already in that I get quite a few offers to join certain online gambling platforms with the prospect of getting signup bonuses and free spins as the online casino whale-bait, so to say.

I must say it feels like somewhat of a hollow victory because quite honestly I’m nowhere near the wealth creation targets I’ve set out for myself, but nobody can fault me for celebrating this new status as neo casino whale because it can quite legitimately go down as a celebration of more than one milestone I’ve already achieved in relation to the ultimate goal. Neo casino whales do indeed live online and there’s a lot on offer for us, going beyond the bonuses and spilling over into complementary deals on a whole range of other perks.

You’d have to sign up to a few online gambling platforms in order for you to be presented with those complementary perks however and you’ll have to enjoy the process of taking a few spins every now and then because frequent activity is what is rewarded most handsomely in this online whale world of ours.

Take advantage of the bonuses offered to you and welcome to the exciting world of the neo casino whale who lives online!

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