How to Pick the Best Page Size for Your Flyer

Leaflets and flyers remain a vital part of an effective marketing regime for small and large businesses alike. When you want to directly reach people, a well-designed flyer is an ideal method. Leaflets and flyers allow you to promote time-sensitive events and get information into the hands of the people who need to see it. Flyers are economical and effective. To ensure these flyers are sent to the right addresses and make as much impact as possible, the best skip tracing software can be used to pinpoint the desired target market.

When they are designed effectively, which also includes choosing the right size for your flyer or leaflet. Effective leaflet printing is easier when you have the right size paper for your project. Check out the quick guide below when you are picking your paper size.

Choose a Popular Flyer Size: A4

The A4 paper size measures 297mm by 210mm. A4 is probably the biggest paper size you should consider when you are flyer printing, otherwise, your flyer turns into more of a poster and it is not practical for sending or passing out to people. The A4 size for a leaflet is a good size when you have a lot of information to give out. Several digital publishing companies in the UK use this size for leaflets printing, preferring them over flyers, as they are exempt from VAT. Beware of over-filling the page with text, however, as it is likely to be off-putting for people. Use a balance of text and images, laid out professionally using substantial amounts of white or plain-colored space to set things off.

Choose A5 for Your Flyers

The A5 size is half the size of an A4 piece of paper. It is the size you most commonly associate with flyers and hand-outs. It is a good size to choose as you have the compromise between enough space for information in a size that is easy for people to hold and put in their bag or pocket. Effective flyer printing on A5 works as you can easily create a direct mail campaign with a flyer of this size.

Or Pick A6 Size for a Flyer

A6 is a smaller size still, around the size of a postcard. This size for a flyer is a popular choice when you want to promote a business or service alongside a purchase, such as an insert into a magazine or an advertisement alongside a purchased item. A6 flyer printing is popular but you do need to be realistic about the amount of information you can fit onto this size. Make sure that you are concise and to the point in order to make maximum use of the flyer.

DL for a Direct Mail Campaign

A DL leaflet or flyer will fit into a DL envelope and is therefore a good fit for a direct mailing campaign. This size is compact, and will be easy to carry and store. You can get three of these sized flyers out of an A4 sheet of paper.

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