Cleaning out my closet

Almost all of us have a lot of unused items in our possession, yet are unaware that we can actually capitalize significantly on our so-called junk. Several recent studies have shown that the average UK household has around 1000 worth of unused junk.

Cashing in on these items is relatively simple, and whilst it can take some time, it can be very lucrative. Most people will have a stash of books and clothing that they never touch and likely have some market value. DVDs and CDs are very common items when it comes to items going unused. Electronics themselves also tend to go unused when a new model appears, and in most cases, the older model still has a market value. You can sell iPhone, sell your laptop, sell pretty much any electronic you have so it can go to good use somewhere else. Furniture can hold value quite well beyond the initial depreciation as well and most households have several items, which go unused.

The common theme with unused items is that they’re not worth anything, and the hassle of marketing and selling them simply isn’t worth it for the return, however, this is rarely the case. These days, it’s actually very easy to find out how much something might be worth, and with a plethora of websites offering to buy your unused items, and sometimes even collect them, it has never been easier to turn your unused items into cash.


The best place to start is by making a list of everything in your home that you don’t use, and to do this it’s best to start looking in all the less frequented areas. These will include behind sofas, garages, shelves, kitchen and bedroom drawers as well the garden if you have one. You can then start to categorize all the items and begin on deciding how to sell them.

Electronics are the first items to sell, because their value is lost most quickly. It’s estimated that nearly a quarter of us have an old laptop at home, which isn’t used, and almost all of us have an unused mobile phone. Mobile phones have a value even if they are obsolete, because of the materials used to make them. Some of the materials are precious metals and can be recycled, whereas some materials can be hazardous and must be disposed of in accordance with specific and recent environmental laws.

Old mobile phone’s themselves almost always go unused at home, and this tends to be a result of free upgrades from mobile phone operators and vendors wanting to retain customers. As a result, it’s important to recycle mobile phones as soon as possible to achieve the maximum price for them.

Laptops are similar to mobile phones, and when they have reached the end of their useful service life, should be recycled appropriately.

DVD’s and CD’s, whilst not worth much per single unit, do add up, and often very significantly. The average household has over 30 DVD’s that haven’t been watched for over 5 years and close to double the number of CD’s. There are a number of mobile phone apps that can quickly scan the barcode of DVD’s and CD’s and give an instant cash price.


Furniture can be worth a lot, and if you suspect that your furniture has significant value, it’s worth getting a valuation from a local expert. As most furniture is bulky and inconvenient to post, local advertising is likely to be the most sensible way to raise money. Selling unused furniture also has the added bonus of freeing up space that may have been deemed lost within a property. Unused chairs and tables are the most common culprits, and if they don’t hold any significant value, most charity shops will collect them for free. However, if your furniture is broken, it may be worth considering repair before selling or donating, as fixing it could potentially increase its value. In such cases, you may want to take the help of a handyman experienced in carpentry. Firms offering handyman services in Govalle, TX, or in your area, can provide professionals to have your furniture restored to its former glory. Repair costs may vary depending on the extent of the damage. It is important to get a quote from a professional before committing to any repairs.

Books hold another hidden value, like their digital counterparts, often aren’t worth much alone. Again, most households will have accumulated a lot of books over the years, which will never be read again. In fact, many books are never read at all, so it makes sense to take a ruthless approach and sell or recycle books whenever possible.

Clothing is quite an emotional affair, with most people hoarding large amounts of clothing that will never be worn again. As we age, fashions change, and sometimes our waistlines too, trimming down on our wardrobes has to be done often. Used clothing can raise substantial money on auction websites, where lots of people are looking for a bargain. Items of adult clothing can be sold individually and raise money, whereas used childrens clothes is typically best bundled and sold based on the age group it is sized for.

It’s certainly worth unlocking the hidden cash in your household, and while the task may seem daunting at first, a weekend morning is usually all it takes to uncover unused and forgotten items that are worth hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in total. Pay particular attention to electronics and technology, their values can decrease quickly.

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