Do I Have Your Attention?

Even as far back as elementary school in English class, the teacher explained the importance of grabbing attention in the first sentence of any paper or during any speech. The same rule of thumb is in place today with only a few changes.

Since you know that you must grab attention at first glance when you are writing an article, you still may need some help keeping the reader on the page and then sharing your article with others. In our society, today, social media is very important and readers enjoy articles they can share with their family and friends on social media outlets. Of course, you must first grab their attention with your first line. Now, after you have them it is time to keep them on the hook so to speak.

A fantastic first line will only go so far. If your article becomes boring or is redundant then you will lose the reader. You must know how to create the framework of the content to keep readers engaged and interested. Even turning to authors that write books with their advice can help you ensure that your article is one that will keep the visitor on your page while providing them with high-quality content.

For those that are building a website for their products or services, even turning to creating videos can be a huge help in driving much wanted traffic to your website. Once again, you must wow your viewers right from the start if you want them to watch your video.


A huge video hit on YouTube was Gangnam Style which has received 2,736,335,959 views and 9,570,570 subscribers. Even though the song is in Korean it took the entire world by storm. Why? You may not understand the words, but Psy grabbed your attention from the start and kept the momentum going throughout the entire video, thus the reason he has had more hits than many famous artists.

Most people are on the go and when they want information or are looking for a product or service, they want the information fast. They do not want to read boring information but interesting factual articles that will help them make decisions on what to purchase, what movie to watch, where to go for dinner, and a thousand other things. In order to do this, you must compete in online marketing and of course provide attention grabbing content whether that be articles or videos.

On the other hand, once you get their attention, do not slow down. Keep the content going in the same direction or you will lose your audience which in turn will cause you to lose sales.


Do your research and learn how to grab attention using the proper techniques that will give your readers a surprise or make them want to read more. Use such things as headers, bullet points, and of course, engaging content that will give them something to do.

Remember most people are emotional buyers if you want them to purchase your product tell them to purchase your product. If you want subscribers, ask them to subscribe. If you are looking for them to share your article, ask them. If you have provided interesting and engaging content, you will hit the right emotions and your readers will do as you ask.

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