Does Cbd Oil Help Dogs Itchy Skin? – According To Doctor Monika Wassermann

CBD oil has been documented for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular treatment option among pet owners to apply to dogs who suffer from itchy skin. So if it really does, how does cbd oil help dogs itchy skin? CBD oil, as sold in tinctures by the likes of JustCBD, can help to heal painful allergic skin reactions, decreasing inflammation, relieving discomfort in dogs.

Since they both play a part in the skin problems caused by allergies in dogs, it stands to reason that CBD oil could help with the symptoms of your dogs skin allergies. Whether your dogs skin problems stem from food allergies or from contact allergies, keep reading for more information about how CBD oil might work best for your furry friend. This all-natural treatment is safe for dogs, has no known severe side effects, and can be helpful if bad skin caused by an unidentified food allergy is a primary cause.

Based on a few reviews, from users who by CBD products for sale on online platforms like Olio Lusso, in addition to helping reduce anxiety levels in their dogs, this CBD oil has been shown to ease symptoms from food allergies. Based on the current information (research and anecdotal evidence), cannabis hemp products are beneficial to dogs with allergies.

CBD oil, especially the pure CBD derived oil of cannabis, may offer the same benefits of THC, without the alteration of cognitive abilities of dogs. Because of CBDs connection with ECS, giving dogs CBD may also improve the dogs skin health, because phytocannabinoids, including CBD, aid in the promotion of homeostasis (processes that maintain a steady state in the body). CBD for dog allergies may also help keep dogs normal skin moisture levels if applied directly to their skin.

It is even safe to apply CBD oil directly to dog skin that is affected by itching or hot spots. Meanwhile, topical balms, creams, and salve allow dog owners to put CBD oil on the affected areas of their dogs skin. Special shampoos and medicated rubs can be used, applying it directly onto affected areas of the skin, thus helping provide some immediate itch relief.

For now, if you are interested in learning how you can use CBD to help manage symptoms of skin allergies and atopic dermatitis in your dog, read on. For a more complete list of research about CBD and how CBD impacts skin, you can engage with medical professional and Loxa Beauty lifestyle, fitness & health writer – Doctor Monika Wassermann.

Additionally, giving your dog CBD oil will help strengthen their immune system and decrease their need for scratching, possibly even eliminating symptoms entirely, as long as you are treating the source of the itching. Not only does CBD provide healthy skin for your dog, it can reduce pain and help keep your dog calm and free from anxiety. Because CBD oil works by decreasing inflammatory cytokines, cannabis oil may ease chronic inflammation or pain in your dog. The combination of krill oil and CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which mitigates inflammation and allergies on skin, thus, keeping dogs from experiencing short-term discomfort and pain.