Dos and don’ts of wedding photography – A few reminders for clicking priceless pictures

After several months of planning all the fine details about your special D-Day, the guests, the venue and the food, your head must be spinning and you must be feeling extremely tired. When you had started planning your wedding, your ultimate goal was to make it a successful event and to not miss a single detail of that special day. From the food that you serve to the gown that you wear to the way each and every moment is documented by the wedding photographer, everything has to be picture-perfect!

Amidst all these, if you make the mistake of choosing the wrong wedding photographer or if your wedding photographer Edinburgh is a novice and he is still not sure about the dos and don’ts, who will bear the brunt? Hence, let’s check out a few reminders about the dos and don’ts of being a wedding photographer.

  • DON’T distract yourself from the main event, the wedding

Most often it is seen that it is pretty difficult to focus on the bride and groom and not only on the photographers. Suppose you were a guest at the wedding and you’re there on behalf of your relatives and friends on one of his most important days. But you just can’t focus on the main ceremony as the tactics used by the photographer is extremely distracting. You should always remember that it’s not about you; it’s only about the guests and the couple. So, you need to concentrate.

  • DO look presentable enough

A thumb rule is to imagine how you need to dress for the wedding which you are going to attend. You should dress differently for someone’s wedding who is a close friend and with whom you are only acquainted. Wouldn’t you want to look polished and formal? Dress accordingly to look suave and apt.

  • DO focus on the timing and pay attention

You can easily compare wedding photography with sports photography as in both cases, timing is extremely important. There are some crucial and important shots that need to be taken whenever you get a chance. Be acclimatised with the key moments which are about to happen like when the groom sees the bride, when they exchange rings, and of course when they kiss. Look over the program of the wedding ceremony very closely.

  • DO invest in the right camera and other photography equipment

Close-up shots are the most memorable and the powerful ones and in order to get a great shot of the groom putting the ring into the finger of the bride, you have to own a telephoto lens so that you can get up close and personal. This way you can get an awesome range when you need to stand back after the guests.

So, if you’re a wedding photographer or the bridegroom party reading this article, you should make sure everything is perfect so that you don’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to capturing those special moments.

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