Games Room Ideas for once you’ve made it

So you’ve made it. Now what? People of all backgrounds wonder what they would do with wealth. They fantasise over a Ferrari, new home, swimming pool, holidays, private jet and often a games room with a pool table taking centre stage.

A games room is seen as something only the elite can afford. But a games room requires room, money and time to develop.

This article is going to cover some awesome ideas to take away with you to either a) implement immediately for your games room or b) take it away as motivation so once you’ve “made it” you have a clear goal and vision to what that looks like.

Pool Table

A games room isn’t really a games room without a pool table. It’s a staple. Men and women across the world love a game of pool and it never gets old.

Surprisingly there are 100s of different types of pool tables available ranging from the terrible MDF 1based tables at 300 up to incredible tables like the mini cooper table which retails at 35,000.

But spending more on a table doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a better table.

Any table over 2000 is considered a luxury pool table. There are plenty of options but the two things you need to think about are style and performance.

If you were to go for performance to have the best game of pool ever you would have to do for a Diamond Billiards table. Used in the Mosconi cup and retails at roughly 5000, this table is incredible. It’s a little bulky but if you want your mates around for the best game of pool, this is the table for you.

Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table


If you want style more than performance then you have even more options.

Below are some of the celebrities choices of pool tables for design and style, you can really see why these tables are so popular.

The P40

Montfort Lewis


The Spartan by Designer Billiards


Automatic by Hurricane Billiards


The Bar

A games room isn’t a proper games room if it doesn’t have a bar either. There aren’t many options for off the shelf bars to buy for your home but you could go and get one custom made.

Check out these two bars below. Made from solid oak and come with storage units and spaces to hold draft beer dispensers similar to the Crowler Systems that your local bars may have. These bars would enable you to pour your own pint, wine or other beverage in the comfort of your own home. It would enable you to store food, drinks and more. It also looks fantastic and would add real class to your games room without taking up too much room.

Adding some neon LEDs to the front of the bar is also a good idea, giving it a unique look once the lights turn off. This could also be useful to make the bar feel more lively.

The Premium


The Prestige

Pinball Machines

If you’ve made it, the likelihood is that you were growing up through the golden era of pinball. Pinball machines were in every single arcade. 100s of machines were built through the 70s 80s and 90s such as classics like The Addams Family, Attack from Mars and many more.

Thanks to technology and pinball enthusiasts many of the old classics are still available today in prestige condition. Many also come with LED upgrades to make them look even better.

You could go even further and purchase a brand new pinball from Stern like the new Game of Thrones, GhostBusters, Walking Dead, Spiderman and many more.

These machines look and sound fantastic. Having the high score feature always brings out the competitive nature of friends. A pinball machine should be on your list if you’re looking to build that perfect games room.

Neon Signs / Art / Memorabilia

This may come as an unusual suggestion but neon signs and wall art really do add to a games room.



Memorabilia is also a popular choice in games rooms. Having the shirt of your favourite player signed on the wall is a great feeling!

Arcade Machines

Arcade machines were king in the 80’s and 90’s but have slowly died off due to the convenience of video gaming.

Arcade machines offer a unique experience over video gaming. Many come with custom controllers and a different type of game play. Below are a few you should consider adding if you have the space.

The Next-Gen


The Invader Cocktail


The Elite


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