How Aldi and other Businesses are reducing their Carbon Footprint with Paper Bags and Other Products

Supermarkets and other businesses are coming under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and appear more environmentally friendly to appeal to more environmentally conscious consumers. They are achieving this in a variety of ways, one of which involves the increasing use of paper bags over their plastic counterparts.

Aldi is the newest supermarket that has committed to offering consumers paper bags as well as completely wiping plastic bags from their stores.

Here are some of the ways that businesses are helping the environment with initiatives that your company can adopt.

Environmentally Friendly Paper Bags

Every other week it seems that a new supermarket has made the news in the UK. Aldi is the newest of the supermarkets to get rid of plastic bags. They now offer paper bags as well as new ‘compostable’ bags that are designed to fully decompose within a year. Both these bags are a good step towards reducing the amount of plastic currently produced in the UK.

Minimising Packaging

Crisp manufactures have been criticised for over packaging when it comes to their products; however many have started to offer crisp multi-packs with less packaging in an attempt to appease customers. These packs can be seen in Aldi and other supermarkets.

Introduce Bio-Degradable Packaging

Many supermarkets and wholesalers have made the switch to offering products packaged in materials that are easily biodegradable. This reduces the burden on recycling processors and helps the environment.

Find an Environmentally Responsible Paper Bag Manufacturer for your Business

If you are a business looking to reduce their impact on the environment making the switch to paper bags is a good move to make.  It will offer better service to customers and is also great for branding.

The Paper Bag Co offers a wide range of different paper bags in varying styles and finishes. Whether you are looking for an economical bag for retail purposes or a bespoke paper gift bag for your business you will always get a quality product.