How global finance affects your wallet

Although many of us may switch off when the business news comes on the television, few events can have as much of an effect on our daily lives as that of global finance.

The 2008 economic crisis clearly illustrated the devastating effect that a financial downturn could have on millions of people’s lives with unemployment and austerity ruling newspaper headlines for many years after.

This provides all the more reason as to why you should keep an eye on the business news, as it not only save you some money, but it can even make you some money too.



Most of us will get the opportunity to invest in a new business at some point in our lives. And whilst not all of us will be keen to play the volatile stock markets, there are still a few canny moves that we can make in regards to investment.

For example, keeping an eye on technology trends could have saved millions for those who had stocks in Kodak and Fujifilm before the global marketplace made the switch to digital cameras in the last decade.

And similarly, the traditional activity of gambling has recently been completely overhauled by the online revolution with many sites offering a much more convenient way for players to enjoy a variety of casino games. Companies such as Mr Smith Casino have helped audiences enjoy the lucrative jackpots of gaming online at their own convenience, and the growth of such profitable activities increasingly indicates the way in which digital technologies can offer exciting new areas of growth for the smart investor.

Other areas that have allowed investors to take a share in phenomenal growth include the likes of Oculus Rift whose virtual reality devices are posed to be the next big thing in entertainment, as well as the TV and film streaming site Crackle. Both of these examples signify that impressive ways in which digital technologies have provided audiences with evermore elaborate ways in which they can control and consume an expanding range of media output that is specially engineered towards the new and dynamic marketplace.



Other huge global business developments that have led to many making an extra bit of money in recent years are the entrepreneur options that the digital revolution has facilitated. There’s now a vast array of sites such as eBay and Etsy that allow small businesses to easily and instantly sell their goods to the global marketplace.

Fast Company recently revealed how one woman was able to take advantage of technological developments to make nearly $1 million through selling her products on the website Etsy. And with many other examples of crafty entrepreneurship, there’s never been a better time to enjoy this new and vibrant global marketplace.

Daily life


There are many instances of our daily lives that can subtly yet powerfully be affected by global finances. Bank Underground clearly illustrate how shifting global fortunes significantly affect our house prices, and even something as simple as filling up the car with fuel can vary hugely from day to day, which is why those all-important oil prices should be kept an eye on.

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