How speaking to consumers in person can strengthen your brand

One of your top priorities as an entrepreneur might be to develop a strong brand for your business. After all, having a positive image as a company is hugely important as a means of attracting and retaining customers.

If you’re looking for ways to build your brand, it’s worth considering connecting with consumers directly through face-to-face sales. Here, we look at how speaking to prospective customers in this way can bolster your business’ image.

It gives you the chance to gather feedback

One company that understands the potential of face-to-face sales is Appco UK. The business, which also offers fundraising services for charitable organisations through Appco Group Support, points out that as well as providing companies with a chance to sell, these interactions offer them an opportunity to get important feedback that they can use to tweak and improve their products and services. By recording people’s comments, companies can also identify areas where they may have to refine or reinforce their marketing messages – and they can get important insights into consumer preferences and needs more generally.

In this way, face-to-face sales interactions double up as a cost-effective form of market research.

It lets you show the human side of your company

Conveying the human side of your company through more impersonal promotional channels such as web and print marketing campaigns isn’t always easy. However, with the right approach and some well-prepared, knowledgeable brand ambassadors, it’s simple when you take advantage of face-to-face sales. However, you can have some print marketing with you so you can easily explain yourself by pointing to and talking about things in a booklet, brochure, or business card. To enable you to make these handouts, you can find a range of print technology, even a paper folder being one of the services! These are available for purchase or you can order with a printing/publishing company for them to be made. Having these at hand is a good idea because you can visually represent everything you are saying to captivate the customer’s attention more!

Appco is well aware of the significance of this issue. To ensure that the self-employed brand ambassadors in its network make a connection with potential customers, it has developed a technique dubbed the Human CommercialTM. This centres on providing consumers with highly tailored, informative and engaging sales experiences. It’s about much more than just selling to people. It’s also about developing a connection with them and fostering a sense of trust. To help with this, the self-employed brand ambassadors representing Appco’s clients have an in-depth knowledge of the products and services they sell, meaning they are able to answer consumers’ questions in detail.

Having this customer-centred approach to selling can work wonders for your brand. It helps to ensure that people feel valued and respected, and consequently it means they are more likely to have a positive impression of your company.

Of course, if you want to really make the most of face-to-face sales, you’ll need to ensure that your strategy is spot on. Don’t worry if you lack experience in planning these campaigns or you don’t have the time to do them justice. Rather than running them yourself, you can turn to expert third parties to help you foster positive relationships with your target audience.

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