How to afford an apartment in London

It’s no secret that London properties are expensive. Property prices are climbing all the time and a lot of people are finding that even apartments on the outskirts of London have gone up in price. For many of us, London feels like a place we’ve been completely locked out of. But, if you’ve set your heart on experiencing London, here are some ideas on how you might afford to see the sights:

Stop obsessing over central

Central London is the dream location for a lot of people. They imagine a studio apartment with a balcony view of a twinkling skyline and everything they could ever possibly need only walking distance form their front door. Well, the regrettable reality is that that might not always be possible. Central London is a great location, but it’s not the only London location (and it’s certainly not the cheapest). Rather than looking at properties closer to the heart of London, look at properties around the London edges that have quick access to the main train lines. There are many places on the borderlines on London where a 20min trip on a train could get you almost anywhere you wanted in central London. So, get yourself a London train map to start narrowing down your search and find some more affordable London properties.

Rather than move, try a holiday

While this might seem counterproductive to trying to afford a London apartment, sometimes we don’t realise what it is that we want until we figure out what we don’t want. London is a great place, but it isn’t necessarily great for everyone. Sometimes what you need to do is try the London lifestyle for a while. If you’ve always wanted to live in Mayfair then why not holiday there. With Carlton Court you can rent luxury Mayfair serviced apartments for long and short lets. For a reasonable price you and your family can experience the luxury Mayfair lifestyle for as long as you like without having to buy. Once you’ve gotten London out of your system you can decide more clearly whether or not it’s the place for you or if you’d rather keep London special by visiting every now and then. These apartments are also fully serviced and close to many of the London tourist attractions, so you can make your sample of London a memorable experience for you and your family.

Consider sharing

If you’re not averse to having a roommate then sharing an apartment is always a possibility. There are many websites online where people advertise spare rooms and beds in apartments all over London. If you’re looking for the cheaper options then it would be best to stay away from the rooms advertised by agencies. However, if you are avoiding agencies, then you need to be very careful about researching the room and the person renting it. Ask lots of questions before you make up a mind and don’t be afraid to haggle for it. If you put in the effort and get lucky, you might find yourself in a great apartment with a decent friend to keep you company.

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