Interesting Ways to Make Money Online

Whether you are figuring out the next big trend on the web or finding new bingo sites, there are a couple of very interesting ways to make money online. The internet is the most accessible platform out there, so you’ve got a lot of options. Here are a couple:

  1. Blogging: To blog, coming from the words “web log”

Blogging has been around since the dawn of the internet, and one of the first ways of making money online. Blogging can be considered a double edged sword, as when one blogs, they can blog about anything at all that interests them- they have the opportunity to talk about their passions and beliefs and share their ideas with everyone. On the other hand, such topics may not be considered “popular” and therefore not get a huge following. Getting into blogging is quite easy, with websites such as Blogspot and WordPress offering newbie friendly platforms.


  1. Online Gaming: To pwn

Gaming has been competitive for so many years, especially when the game Counter Strike first game out. Making money through online gaming is becoming an increasingly viable option for those who are good enough, just like how playing a sport professionally started to become a viable career option back in the ’60s. Gaming teams have gone to international tournaments and brought home significant amounts of money, by playing games like Starcraft and even the old Ragnarok Online competitively. It’s a great way to have fun and make a living at the same time.

  1. Online Bingo

For a more casual way of making money online, try having a shot at online bingo. You’ll find a lot of general and interesting bingo news when you go online, and it shows that this game has been around the block and is still going. The internet has made it even easier and more accessible, as you can even gain winnings online. Big bingo sites like winkbingo give you the opportunity to play against competitors that are as real as the prize money- without having to leave the house. If you generally enjoy bingo and want some extra cash on the side, give online bingo a try.


  1. Become a YouTube Creator

YouTube has exploded the past few years, as casual entertainment is slowly shifting from television and into the world wide web. Like blogging, this platform allows you to express yourself via videos to people around the world. Many YouTube stars have gotten a shot in Hollywood, and have been garnering fame and fortune from starting out with a simple video camera and a loose script. Tyler Oakley, a very famous YouTuber, had even managed to raise half a million dollars for a suicide hotline organization, simply through his channel.

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