The Intricacies of Finding a New Auto Insurance Broker

It is going to be beneficial if you can develop a good relationship with your vehicle insurance agent. Also, it is equally important to see that the agent is trying his/her best to meet your policy requirements. They get paid commissions to sell policies to you and sometimes you may be charged a little bit more for using an agent than going direct to the company. So, they should convince you that they deserve the money.

Not only should you expect prompt and courteous service but a good broker should also be trying to obtain the best rates for you. Willing to provide assistance when you need to make a claim is a bonus as well. Some brokers may offer claim assistance service free of charge while others may have a fee for this service.

When you are looking for an agent to help you find the best policies it is best to find an independent car insurance broker rather than a tied agent. An independent broker can check whole of the market for prices and coverage and let you know the best option. However, an agent who works for only one company can only recommend that particular company.

Here is how to find the right broker to help you choose the best coverage.


Asking to your friends and family members is a good starting point when searching for an insurance agent. You should ask if they are happy with their agents and can recommend them to you. First-hand experience is always the best to judge a service provider.

All good automobile insurance agents would try and grow their client base organically. It is not a secret in business that satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising for any business.

Do Some Online Research

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Most people don’t hesitate to ask their favorite search engine instead of their friends when they are looking to find a product or service. You can quickly determine whether you have a car insurance broker near me by conducting a quick search on the internet. Once you have done this, you can then start looking at online reviews and overall representations. An active brokerage firm would try to be out there helping their customers or prospective customers. You can read their blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets or forum replies. Those will be able to offer some insight into what type of a company they are.

Check Their Credentials

You might want to see if your chosen insurance agent or broker has membership of a professional organization such as the Insurance Brokers Association. Most good agents often belong to a number of professional bodies and should also hold relevant professional accreditations. Brokers are required to be licensed to sell insurance in the USA and several other countries. Check their license registration as this should be displayed on their premises, business cards, letterheads and websites.

Contacting Your Chosen Agent

One of the benefits of working with a broker is that you can talk to them face to face if you need to. That is why you should be looking for one in your neighborhood. This doesn’t mean that you cannot communicate with them through e-mails. Everyone is busy these days and e-mails can be pretty effective. Also, a few brokerage firms allow you to fill car insurance quote forms on their sites. They look at those forms and get back to you if they have any questions. Alternatively, they contact you with your quotations and their recommendations.

Alternatives to Intermediaries

You can get direct auto insurance quotes quickly and easily using comparison websites on the internet. They will efficiently show you all your options and allow you to go directly to your chosen carrier. Experienced motorists can arrange good level of coverage and determine the acceptability of insurers on their own. Then, they can benefit from additional discounts offered to direct customers who buy their policies online. Most companies offer online login details to their policyholders. This allows them update their particulars, read or print their policy documents and even submit a claim online.

Choosing a new vehicle insurance broker is not always straightforward but once you have found the right one, it should be a rewarding for both parties. Otherwise, there is no point in using an intermediary service for something that you can get on your own.


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