Why You Need to Learn About Life Lock

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the United States. Every time you go through with an online transaction, your identity is at risk of getting stolen. When you use your Smartphone or go shopping, your identity is exposed to further risk. Every activity that you undertake that involves credit cards, the internet or that requires you to use your social security number or driver’s license exposes you to identity theft. This is one major reason why you need to learn about LifeLock.

Understanding How LifeLock Works

Learning about LifeLock and understanding how the service works is essential if you you’re your identity protected. LifeLock provides assistance with the protection of your identity using an unparalleled combination of approaches such as detection, alerting and restoration. The monitor data using counteragent technology and send alerts to their clients through emails and mobile phones. The moment they note any suspicious activity, they take action to ensure that their clients are protected from identity theft. When your identity is compromised, they provide the required assistance to ensure that breached identity is restored.

LifeLock’s One Million Guarantee

LifeLock continually monitors an expansive array of identifying information and not just your social security number (SSN). Credit monitoring alone cannot enable the service to track your information. A do it yourself (DIY) approach is not sufficient or practical. With a comprehensive monitoring technology in place, LifeLock is able to determine if there are threats to your identity. Anytime a threat to your identity is detected, they will inform you through their LifeLock Identity Alert system.

LifeLock always have agents ready to go through the entire process with you. The agents will also answer every question that you may have. They have identity restoration specialists to help you through the entire process. LifeLock’s services are backed up with a guarantee that is worth $1,000,000. Should your identity get compromised, LifeLock will compensate you in legal fees to enable you restore your identity.

Reasons You Should Choose LifeLock

It is essential that your identity remains protected at all times. In the event that your identity has been compromised, you will need LifeLock to provide you with fraud resolution. Every 30 days, your credit report will be checked. Your social security number will also be monitored. LifeLock also locates and monitors criminal websites that sell information belonging to individuals. They keep a check on your banking and your credit and investment accounts. They remain updated to ensure that that there are no data breaches. They have the expertise and will know what to do in the event that you need your identity hired. They know how to restore your name as well as your credit.

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