Portafina Gets Positive Rankings Across Renowned Platforms

Starting a business is never an easy thing to venture into or, unfortunately, to sustain. The statistics when it comes to success rates can prove that all-too-well. Nevertheless, successful businesses are showing time and time again that it’s possible to beat the odds and run an ethical company that leaves a mark and one of them is Portafina.

Specialising in offering pension advice to those who need it, Portafina has been working tirelessly at building a customer-focused business since 2009. Part of their success is undeniably due to the exceptional lengths they go to in order to ensure that every customer is treated fairly. This approach seems to be paying off, especially in the past year as the company was given enviable rankings across various renowned platforms.

One of the most popular platforms that they were listed on is the Financial Times, which is a leading finance body that focuses on news, statistics, and general finance-related information. More specifically, they made the Financial Times Future 100 because of their ability to demonstrate the impact they’ve made in their use of technology, the environment, and diversity in their company.

Portafina was also acknowledged by FT Adviser, who is the governing body of the Top 100 Financial Adviser 100 rankings. Portafina was included on this esteemed list and featured as a leading financial adviser in the UK based on their performance. Getting to this level of professionalism and notoriety is an amazing accomplishment, and it can be helped further along with the use of specific marketing techniques that financial companies can find out here about, if they are in need of better marketing software to reach a level that Portafina has done.

Aside from these internationally acclaimed lists, Portafina has also been selected by KM Media Group as one of the Top 50 Fastest-Growing Businesses in Kent as a result of their business growth, turnover over the past three years, and turnover today. The list carefully analyses the performance of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies to see who has made the most impact in the county of Kent.

Having achieved so much in such a little time is a significant accomplishment for Portafina. Their Managing Director Jamie Smith-Thompson says:

There are some of the financial industry’s biggest and best in this list and most have been operating for half a century or more. To have the Portafina name sitting amongst them so soon is something I am immensely proud of.”

Portafina’s recognition on these prestigious platforms can be attributed to their commitment to looking after their clients. Their philosophy is to ensure each client is treated fairly and adequately understand their approach to the finance industry.

Future Aspirations

After a year of significant victories, Portafina wants to give back. They’ve created a website for those interested in pursuing a career in the finance industry, and who want to understand how they work. There is no better time to get on board and join a company dedicated to diversity, fairness, and an ethical approach to finance. If you visit Portafina’s new job site today, you should find out more about career opportunities.

To learn more about finances and help you plan towards a better future, follow Portafina on Twitter. Additionally, other platforms that you can find them on include Portafina Youtube, Portafina Linkedln and Portafina Facebook.