Project Management Software: Cost Saving and Improving Performance

As a business owner or project leader, there will be a number of key matters for which you are responsible, such as strategy, team-building and processes – and in that position of authority, you will have observed the behaviour and general interactions of your team.

It is highly likely, then, that you will have been a witness to a number of distinct areas of weaknesses. Classic examples include miscommunication, the duplication of activities and inefficient information tracking. Enter online project management software.

Traditionally, we adopt what can be termed manual methods of project management and collaboration. These include paper-based recording and filing, communication by email and face-to-face meetings. Yet in the age of cloud-based software, apps and online solutions, we can quickly and painlessly resolve typical issues historically associated with project work. Nowadays, we can use software that has features like a project management spreadsheet to accurately track resources for projects. This makes project management a lot easier.

Crucially, the right project management tool will improve performance and save money. Here are some of the ways how:

Online workspaces

  • Communication Emails are not an efficient way for a team to maintain high-level communication over the course of a project lifecycle. Key individuals left out of relevant conversations; essential information gets lost in the email chain; time is lost. Workspaces make conversations visible to all, trackable by all.
  • File sharing, Version control A central repository for all documents and files makes accessibility no longer an issue. Also, with version-controlled files, all team members can be certain that they are working with the correct iteration of any file at any given time.

Project management tools

  • Task assignment and progression Smart software and infrastructure for collaboration makes for simple, logical task assignment and progress tracking, with transparency to all team members. It’s also simple to set milestones and perform analysis on performance. To help with the running of these different types of software, there are resources from websites like that can aid with this progress.
  • Task time tracking A feature for recording hours spent on a given task and calculating the related costs can prove invaluable for internal assessment and review, as well as for accurate, presentable charging for clients.

Cost saving

  • Cloud-based solution The beauty of an online solution for project work is that with the right system, there will be no implementation or training costs; everything is online, ready to go, and the setup will be intuitively straightforward to use. However, you would definitely need to keep a track of the great places to buy software for your company or business, so that everything is streamlined and efficiently done.
  • Paperless office Your office will not be reliant on photocopiers, reams of paper or ink cartridges, and that in turn saves on energy costs and space.

In the competitive business environment, moving away from the traditional, manual methods of collaboration and project work can streamline processes to the point where not only is the group making potentially game-changing savings, but the business/team leader is freed up to focus on the big picture and strategic decision-making.

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