Rubbish Removal in the UK By Clearabee

What is rubbish removal?

Rubbish removal generally refers to the transfer of solid rubbish from where it was disposed to its treatment point or even to the landfill. This process does not only include the collection of waste but also involves the collection of materials that are recyclable.

It involves handling solid commercial waste or rubbish which include things such as scrap metals, packaging materials, wood, papers, plastics, and cardboard, among many others. Other types of commercial wastes require different means of disposal as they can be deadly and a good example is toxic commercial rubbish. Another form of rubbish that is most common is the household waste. This type of rubbish consists of clothing, bottles, yard trimmings, cans, newspapers, and food packaging, among many others.

Rubbish Removal in the UK

Rubbish removal in the UK is a big business thanks to the huge amount of waste generated annually. To put things into perspective, about 32.2 million tonnes of waste was generated in England alone in 2016. Food waste contributes heavily to the total amount of rubbish generated in the United Kingdom. The UK generates about 10 million tonnes of food and drinks waste annually but this number is gradually starting to go down. In 2017 there was a reduction of about 1.6 million tonnes in the United Kingdom’s food rubbish and it is estimated that if this trend continues, the annual amount of food waste will be about 1.1 million by 2025.

Recycling has over the years become one of the most preferred methods of waste management in the United Kingdom with about 42 per cent of the total municipal solid waste being recycled. There are more than 200 composting sites, more than 2340 recycling facilities, more than 700 landfills, and about 24 energy recovery plants in the UK.


Waste management companies in the United Kingdom play a very significant role in removing rubbish in the region. The United Kingdom has a lot of waste management companies and one of the best rubbish removal organizations is Clearabee. This amazing company offers waste removal services from businesses and homes.

Clearabee offers several ways of the rubbish collection which include:

  • Man & van. This is where they send their van with a man to collect your rubbish on the same day you make the order. This option is very popular as it is efficient and effective.
  • This is where the company provides their bee bags for you to put your waste and collect it when full.
  • Bags & sacks. The company provides sacks and bags for you to put your rubbish and collect it the next working day.


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