A six-step guide for a stress-free business removal in London

According to a survey by E.ON, a global energy company based in the UK, moving business premises is the second most stressful task SME owners and managers have to deal with after the hiring of new staff. The process is seen to be more tedious and complicated than handling the company’s finances, covering staff absences, or dealing with customer complaints.

The survey shows that in a span of five years, the average SME have lost over 40,000 in relocation expenses, which accounts around 2.5% of their yearly turnover. These expenses include the amount spent on upgrading the new premises, the actual relocation, and the business days lost in the process.

According to the study, 78% of small business managers avoid necessary relocations due to the fear that the process will be very costly and time-consuming. The majority of these businesses tend to remain in their inefficient locations until the environment itself forces them to wind up.

Other reasons given for the fear of relocation include not knowing where to start and having to deal with relocation companies. While there is no doubt that business relocation can be tedious, the inability to plan on the side of the business owner or manager worsens the situation.

If you are planning to relocate your business in or out of London, here is a five-step guide to ensure a stress-free relocation taken from our provider, Wynnes Removals in London athttps://alltherightmoves.co.uk/removals/, with futher information taken from https://www.allbusiness.com/relocating-a-business1-3651-1.html and https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/81406.

Outline your business relocation objectives

The first step should be to determine and clarify the objectives and potential benefits of the relocation. With this in mind, you will be able to do a cost-benefit analysis and prepare yourself psychologically for the removal. According to allbusiness.com, outlining the rationale for leaving the current business location not only enables the business owner to see the big picture of the process but prepares the staff for the relocation.

In London, some removal companies such as Wynne’s offer free consultations on the possible costs to be incurred in a given business relocation. This information enables you to make an informed decision while looking for avenues to further lower your costs.

Identify your business relocation fears

Once you have defined your business removal objectives, it is time to address any fears you might have relating to the process. These fears may be about the expenses to be incurred or the business time to be lost. You may also be worried about losing precious customers and employees during the process.

Mark Henricks, a business relocation expert, and blogger at the Entrepreneur, recommends you respond to the fear of losing customers and employees by notifying them of your intention and factoring in their opinion. If the relocation means you have to lose them and it is for the long-term benefit of your business, go ahead and do it.

If you’re worried about the commuting involved in long-distance relocation, compartmentalize the steps. Figure out how you’re going to go about it. Pack the necessities and keep them ready for transport. If you’re moving by train, keep yourself updated with rail notices so that you won’t have to deal with any delays or rescheduling. If you’re seeking the help of relocation and moving services, keep track of where the transport vehicle is and call routinely to ensure that there is no issue on the road.

If your headache is on costs, develop a budget based on your relocation objectives and identify a removal company that can work within your budget. According to Wynnes business and home removal company, having a guaranteed price quote without hidden costs is one of their strategies towards ensuring customer satisfaction.

Scrutinize your business relocation service provider

Given the high number of companies claiming to offer business removal services in London, it is important to conduct a background check before you settle on a given company. Ensure that the company has online reviews and social media presence.

If the company is transparent on its pricing strategies and allows you to communicate directly with the owner, then there is a higher likelihood that it will not frustrate you. Always go for the company that is ready to offer a free home survey and give a report on the relocation process. In a nutshell, observe the following five steps while scrutinizing your business removal service provider.

  1. Identify the full company names.
  2. Determine how long they have been in business.
  3. Check their online presence and reviews.
  4. Determine their openness to communication.
  5. Discern how long they have been in business.

Determine if your service provider has enough insurance

Your service provider may assure you of a fixed relocation quote but if they do not guarantee you of the safety of your items, you have to be worried. First, ensure that the company is thorough in its packaging and transportation and then ask for their insurance protection. If they are reluctant to talk about their insurance plans, consider another removal company.

While most companies in London will offer a maximum protection of 30,000, there are those that offer up to 50,000 or more upon request. Wynnes is one of them and operates in partnership with Basil Fry, the only insurance provider for removal services in the UK.

Discuss the relocation timeframe with your service provider

When it comes to minimizing the costs of relocating your business, you have to ensure that the process does not take much of your business time. If possible, Mark Henricks recommends you move on a weekend or after the hours of working if your business operates seven days a week. Discuss this with your service provider and ask them for a detailed plan on they plan to relocate your business.

The more detailed and clear their plan is, the more confidence you should have on them. If you are moving overseas, ensure that the relocating company has a proven record on such projects.

Go for the provider with a comprehensive package

While you may not need storage services on your business removal, it is advisable to contract a company that has these services. This may be more useful if you are not planning to move all your furniture and office items at once or you are not sure whether the items will fit in your new premises. Having the removal and storage services from one company minimizes the cost of having to engage another company.

If you are looking for a business relocation company in London, the Wynnes removal company offers a comprehensive package that includes removal and storage services.

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