Things You Can Make Re-Using Cotton Bags

Cotton bags aren’t just great for shopping. There are also many other ways that you can re-use them. One of the best ways to re-use cotton bags is to make things out of them, which can not only be attractive but good for the environment too.

  • Cushions: Cotton makes can make fantastic cushions. To make these, simply choose a cotton bag that features a pattern or image that you like. Then, simply take some cushion stuffing, and cut the handles off of the bags neatly. Then, stuff the cushions and sew the top of the bag closed. It’s incredibly easy to make durable, and stylish cushions using cotton bags, as you only need to sew them on one side. You can make them as big or as small as you like, and you can even create a whole range of small scatter cushions from some pretty bag fabric.

  • Hanging Storage: If you are struggling to find space for items like clothes, DVDs, books, accessories or shoes, then a cotton bag can cb1make a fantastic storage solution. Simply place a few nails or hooks into a wall, and then hang a cotton bag on each one. You can then store items from books to clothing in the bags. This is a great storage solution, as the bag aren’t taking up any room on the floor or in your wardrobe.
  • A Stylish Beach Bag: You can turn a regular cotton bag into a stylish beach bag. Simply take some rhinestones, badges, bows or anything else you would like to embellish your bag with, and sew or stick them onto the bag. Then you have a stylish, yet durable beach bag that you can use time and time again.
  • Gift Bags: Cotton bags can make great gift bags. Either select a patterned cotton bag or embellish one yourself, with beads or rhinestones for example. You could even put the recipient’s name on the bag. This way you have a nice gift bag, which the recipient can use many times.

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