Three Free Activities for Travellers

With all the many different ways in which you inevitably find yourself paying for something which was presented to you as being free, it’s perhaps the right time to re-define what the true meaning of the word “free” actually is. A politician and presidential candidate canvassing for votes under the auspices of democracy might tell you that you’re free to exercise your right to vote for whomever, while a special television promo may present to you a buy-one-get-one-free deal on a particular product. The word “free” is brandied about so freely that it’s really beginning to assume a whole new meaning altogether; leaving you wondering whether there is indeed anything you can truly get or do for free these days. What you’ll mostly find is that you first have to spend something in order to get some extra value for free, which may or may not turn out to be as free as claimed after all.

This concern is ever more pressing among people with a lust for travel because a cash-strapped traveller or a traveller who simply wants to cut down on their costs will gladly entertain anything which is truly and legitimately available to them for free. Read this for more information of how to reduce your expenses.

Sightseeing on Foot

Depending on the destination to which you’re travelling, it’s often possible to get lost in your surroundings and get some sightseeing done on foot. It really depends on where you are however because if you’re perhaps from a big city and you’re visiting another big city, checking out the same old skyscrapers wouldn’t exactly make for some memorable sightseeing. We’re talking hiking trails here, most probably unofficial ones for which you don’t have to pay, visiting old-time villages maybe, or momentarily integrating with a local community, exploring their surroundings through their own eyes and experiencing life as it is lived and appreciated by the locals.

A lot of tourist-friendly regions like Barcelona offer totally free activities and if you delight in catching sight of some exotic artwork, many galleries around the city allow free walk-in viewings. You can read more about it here.

Playing games

The global gaming industry is currently experiencing a big change because you now have online casinos and such a big range of games that it effectively nullifies the need to visit a physical casino. For the cost-saving and freebie-hunting traveller though, online casinos such as Mansion Casino, offer more than just a great platform to play online, extending their offering to free games you can truly take advantage of, either to pass the time or to hone your skills and practice playing real casino games in practice or demo mode, prior to playing with real money or hitting a physical casino. Click here to play online casino for free.

Visiting the Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? Even if your beach body is well hidden under your regular self, there is nothing quite like sunbathing or relaxing at the beach, with the occasional dip in the ocean. In most tourist destinations both locally (depending on where you reside of course) and internationally, hitting the beach is one of those holiday activities which is still truly and completely free, so it makes for a great way to enjoy your travels without spending a single penny.

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