Tips to keep your information secure online when using different payment methods

Shopping online can be filled with traps designed to take your personal details for malicious purposes, so having your wits about you when it comes to online transactions is key.

The following are some vital tips to keep in mind when buying on the web…

Keep to the beaten track and trusted websites. Search engines can be fixed to lead you astray into murky waters and safety traps. If you know the site is trustworthy, chances are it’s less likely to be a rip off. We all know and their name carries respect and most major retailers possess an online outlet, if you stick to trusted brands you are less likely to be subject theft of your information. Also, be aware of slight misspellings of big brands and those using alternative domains.

Look for the lock. A lock symbol will usually appear next to the website’s URL and tells you the page has Secure Sockets Layer encryption installed, helping to keep your details safe. If the page does not possess this, stay away. The lock symbol only appears on the most secure sites, such as Betway, an online gambling destination which features betting on the races and other great markets.

Apple Pay and other contactless payment options are available and are becoming more and more popular. At present Apple Pay is most popular and, to be safe, make sure you authorise every purchase you make, this allows you to keep track of translations and helps protect against sneaky small transactions from scammers. Apple also has features that protect your personal information by blocking outside devices that try and access your phone through the Near Field Communication system in your device. If you lose your iPhone or Watch, immediately put it in Lost Mode, this locks your Secure Element so nobody can make purchases on your account.

Our final tip is to keep is to keep your devices free from viruses and other nasty bugs. It may sound obvious, but updating your anti-virus and malware software does wonders for your security online. Without it, you may be subject to phishing and trojan software you download with good intentions, but contain spying software that collects private information.

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